Want to setup ring doorbell pro with smartthings but

I can’t get it to finish set up mode. For some reason it does not want to connect to the internet. I reset the doorbell but still no luck. Router is in the living room & doorbell is setup outside the front door. My living room is not big at all. Ring is sending me an extended. Anything different I can do.

In my experience Ring has really good support. I’d wait for the Chime Pro to show up, get that setup inside between your router and Ring Pro then try again, this time getting the Ring Pro to connect to the Chime Pro.

Do you have a physical chime in the house,? Have you hooked up the little power pack for it?

I have a doorbell in the house & my contractor did install the little white power pack. It gets stuck in setup mode. It sees the WiFi but it will not connect. When on phone with ring support they think it’s a WiFi issue & have sent me a chime extender so for now I will wait. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it will work.

How many volts is your transformer putting out? Has to be at least 16 to work.

My contractor is going to check tomorrow but ring thinks it’s an internet connection issue. They r sending me an extender.

Most of the issues I’ve seen with the Ring Pro is the doorbell transformer being too weak. A 24v one is like 13 bucks at the hardware store.

My issue is that it does.not connect yo the WiFi. I am going to have my contractor check the voltage tomorrow.