Ring Firmware Update Breaks Floodlight Camera and Doorbell Pro

Not that this is SmartThings related directly but I wanted to let everyone know something I found out that has been frustrating me since October 17th.

Apparently, Ring pushed out a firmware update on their devices in mid October that rendered them unable to connect to their cloud. You can ping the IP Address assigned to the device so it is on your network. It just cannot connect to their cloud.

I have been extremely busy so I have been unable to work on this much. I called them a couple weeks ago and they wanted me to run the reconnect to WiFi process, which I stopped them and told them I can ping the device so it is on my WiFi. I had to stop and come back to it, tonight.

Well, after chatting with support, they are sending me all new stuff and they did say that an update did cause problems.

I have been unable to find anything on the web about this. So, if any of you are having difficulty, contact support. It might be this.


Weird, thanks for the heads up. I have one of each of these devices and both have been fine. If something happens though, I’ll keep this in mind.

Thanks. I’m going to hold off on installing my Doorbell Pro for a couple of days. Maybe they’ll have a fix for it by then. Truth be told, I’m to busy to do it now.

is the connectivity issue only for adding new devices to your cloud account (or re-adding if you remove them from your account)?

i have a ring pro and wired floodlight cam, that have been connected for several months. both continue to work perfectly, and are integrated into smartthings.

maybe there was an issue on your devices when the firmware was pushed out, and it didnt complete properly (probably not limited to you)?

Using the existing ones. They both stopped working on the 17th.

I have an issue that seems similar, but the timing doesn’t line up. I set up my Ring Pro on November 6th. It worked fine until December 12th. Since then it connects to my Wi-Fi and I can ping it, but it does not connect to the Ring cloud. I suspect a firmware update is the culprit because nothing else in my setup changed.

I have a white LED blinking at the top of the doorbell button. And the doorbell will not go into setup mode. Just wondering if you had the same LED pattern and inability to put it in setup mode.

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year

I had a replacement Doorbell Pro provided by ring in mid december. Firmware is 1.15.00132
The device appears to be reporting both motion and press events all ok via the ring Connect SmartApp.
However the video appears not to be accessible via STT.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

My ring app says my firmware is up to date. Where do you find the version?

And everything is working fine retrieving video in SmartThings.