Anyones ring doorbell not working properly?

my ring doorbell hasn’t been sending any motion or ring events to my smartthings. the IDE says that it is connected and online but the only thing that works is the refresh command. anyone else getting this problem?

Mine is OK. under the recently tab, everything looks good too.

hmmm interesting.can you open the ring smartapp? it keeps sayings its unavailable for me…
thanks for the response btw

Ring app is working. there was an update on iOS today for it

hmmm its been a few days of this so maybe its just specific to me. ill contact support. thanks for the help my friend.

Probably coincidence, but my Ring pro stopped communicating with my network 2 days ago. I noticed about 20 hours after it’s last activity that it hadn’t been working. I restarted my wifi access point (in this case I had a wifi extender) and the Ring reconnected and was working as usual.