Wall Switch for 220 volt?

Is anyone knows a wall switch that works good in 220volt? I prefer all in one unit.

I use numerous Aeotec switches

Aeotec Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWEU (868.42 Mhz) INPUT AC 230V 50Hz, Max 2.5A (UK)
Switch only

Aeotec Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC18103-ZWEU (868.42 Mhz) INPUT AC 230V 50Hz, Max 10A (UK)
Has energy monitoring

Aeotec Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC19103-ZWEU (868.42 Mhz) INPUT AC 230V 50Hz, Max 2.5A (UK)
Dimmer module

The Aeotec switches and dimmer are Z-Wave smart devices installed inside or behind your regular open/closed light switch. Installing in conjunction with your regular open/closed light switch is a total advantage as your light switch can match your decor.

The Aeotec switches and dimmer require a mains supply connection so both live and neutral supply wires are required at the switch location. If there is no live and neutral supply wires at your switch location then you can easily connect the smart switch/dimmer at the ceiling rose location.

The Aeotec switches and even the dimmer have an on/off input which can be connected to the physical switch and will provide a manual on/off function even when SmartThings and/or Internet is down. For the smart dimmer the on/off input will switch the dimmer off or switch on to the previous dim level. There is no manual dimmer function. For SmartThings it is possible to detect and trigger from the manual on/off but there is a delay.

These switches and dimmers appear to retain their on/off/dimmer setting after a power outage.

When purchasing for UK 230v/240v installation ensure that the devices are the 868.42 Mhz EU versions.

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This should be of help. (This is a clickable link)