I need an "in wall" compatable dimmer for 220V

Dear Smartthings Community members,

I am building my new house and I am at the point where I need to decide on what light switches to install. I have been searching online to find a Z-Wave smart switch/dimmer that is compatable with Smartthings but MUST WORK WITH 220 VOLTS.

This one looks good, but DOES NOT WORK with 220V

Likewise GE has a nice one, but again DOES NOT WORK WITH 220V

Can anybody help? I have been looking for days with no luck

Thank you

Have you considered Fibaro Dimmer 2?

So if you are looking for an “in-wall” as per your description and not a physical light switch as per the post? the Fibaro Dimmer 2’s work fantastically. I have them throughout my house (20 of them in total) all linked to alexa and the smartthings app.

The downside to these dimmers is they basically take away the functionality of the physical switch (if you are actually putting in switches in your new house)

My suggestion here would be to make sure that your DV board is wired correctly to each cluster of lights and connect these directly below the breakers. This also means that if anything goes wrong you have easy access to replace them AND you get the benefit of no unsightly wall switches though out the house. You also wont have an issue with the mesh network perhaps not reaching certain rooms and the need for repeaters.

If you are looking for a physical switch you will need to check your local retailers, a lot of these are becoming more readily available even in places like South Africa (Where Im from).

Qubino makes in-wall dimmers, according to the manual they’re rated for upto 230VAC

Also, that wemo switch mentioned in the OP doesn’t use z-wave, it uses wifi.

Thank you for all your replies.

I had a look but I am not sure I understand how this works. this square device goes inside the wall behind the physical switch? If this is the case, how does someone control the dimming without a mobile phone or other device? The average Joe that walks into a room will only have the option of on/off?

Ideally I am looking for a product that will have full functionality both by the face plate on the wall as well as functionality from the mobile phone, smartthings, etc…

Robin has a solution that you can work with in this case.

Pavlos, you cannot control it without a phone, tablet, or alexa/google home if you want voice activation.

I have just left the switches as they are, and bought Kindle Fire 7’ tablets and mounted these over the light switches in each room. These all run the ST app. So rather than clicking a button, they are clicking on the app. They are indefinitely plugged in on the mount so there is no worry about them running out of battery etc. These then also function as an intercom system and also have the app to view all of my CCTV etc. I also have alexa’s in each room so that you can turn lights on/off by simply saying “Alex, livingroom on” as an example.

You may not want to go as far as that, but it might be some food for thought.

What I am looking for exactly is the European version (220V) of this GE product:

but I dont care much about the maker, as long as it works and it is reliable.

there are many options, just look on amazon.co.uk

Thats just one of them.

You can search through the catalog of all certified z-wave products here, you can filter by region and product category.


I see this thread pretty much petered out.

Did you ever get a solution? I’m in New Zealand and am in the same boat. The US switches are the right shape and size, and fit where our current switches fit, but can’t handle the 220v voltage here. The UK switches can handle the voltage, but they are a different shape and size to what we currently have and will require new holes, painting, and whatever.

Where did you land?

did you find any in-wall Z-wave Dimmer switch that support 220V, with the plate you was looking for?

No i did not find anything. I went with the Fibaro dimmers and placed them behind wall buttons.

Where did you buy the dimmers 2? In the US? Because I need to buy a bunch of them in the US but will install them Ina 220v country. I am not sure fibaro dimmers 2 are compatible with both 110 and 220v.

Be careful buying Z-wave products in the USA if you intend to install them in another country. Z-wave frequencies are country/region specific. A US z-wave switch will not work in Europe, for example.

Consumer Zigbee devices use the same frequency worldwide.

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Thanks. Frequency in this case is not an issue, it is the same that is used in the US. Problem may be voltage. Manuals and online information are contradictory.