Smart Switch that works on 220?

hi everyone
does any one know if there is a smart switch that can work on 220 VAC, but does not need a neutral wair

I’ve tested Aeon Lab switch & dimmer, all work with 220v

Enerwave Dual Relay Switch also works with 220v

But all of them require neutral wire

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Dear Tamttt, great entry, so Im from Peru, here we use 220vac, the outlet connectors are similar to US, and the Switchs rectangular shape are also similar to US. So that is why im looking Zwave devices from US and not in Europe. (also not china, because i want test only need few items, and also dont know trusted zwave brands from china)

So please if you have more items tested with 220vac,im looking for: Zwave Bulbs, Zwave smart outlets, Zwave dimmers, Zwave switchs lights (just like GE or Linear). If you know some of them you have read or tested, please help me with the feedback.