Voice command to trigger SmartThings fan speed controls

I have Bond controller for my ceiling fan. Bond is integrated with SmartThings and SmartThings is integrated with Google Home. The SmartThings app, has speed control settings for the fan consisting of low, med, or hi. Google Home does not bring the fan speed controls into the Home app. Is there a way to trigger SmartThings to change the fan speed with a voice command to my google home speaker? I can tell Google to turn the fan on or off, but if I asked it to set the speed to low, it just responds that it does not understand. I want to keep the Bond integration through SmartThings because of other automations I have with other devices on that hub.

I’m not familiar with that particular device and all the capabilities of Google Home, but in general, folks have been using virtual devices in ST to represent different states or commands in their voice assistants. So, for example, you might create virtual momentary buttons to represent Fan Low, Fan Med, and Fan High and then have Routines that when the button is pushed/turned on, the fan speed is set to the speed for that virtual device. Then in Google Home, you would be able to “turn on” that virtual device based on whatever phrase you want to use.

Worked perfectly. I never played around with virtual switches before. This changes everything. haha.

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Glad it worked out for you. There are numerous uses for virtual devices and using them as triggers for voice assistants from ST as well as what you have working. I use them a lot to issue Alexa custom actions to set state on devices where the setting isn’t available in ST, but is available in an Alexa skill. I also use them to play messages via an Echo device when certain actions occur in ST.

The vEdge Creator from @TAustin also offers a variety of different types of virtual devices beyond just switches.