Installed GE Z-Wave 3-Speed Wireless Rocker Fan Controls & Google Home

(Mpdano) #1

Hello all,

I installed the GE Z-Wave 3-Speed Wireless Rocker Fan Controls to control my Ceiling Fan. I set it up with Google Home but I can only turn it on/off via Google Home and cannot voice speed setting (low-medium-high).

Is there a special trick to this?

FYI, I can control the speed via the GE rocker switch.

(Binh Huynh) #2

You have to use%
“Set fan to 30%” for low.
60% for medium and 100% for high.
Just like a dimmer switch.

(Dale C) #3

The device is setup as a dimmer style so any command treating it such will work. The three speeds are set as thresholds in the level so just give a command that is in the threshold range will work

For example "Hey Google,
turn on Fan 20% = Low Speed
turn on Fan 70% = Med Speed
turn on Fan 90% = High Speed

(Mpdano) #4

Thanks guys. I didn’t even try the percentage commands. You guys rock!!