Is there a 4 button (3 or 4 speed+off) fan controller that will work with Smartthings?

I’m interested in one like this Control4 device. I don’t like the GE rocker switch solution. I’d like to push one button to go directly to the speed I want.


Nothing exactly like that, but you can install any of the fan controllers that do work with smartthings from the following FAQ:

FAQ: 2020 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

And then add a battery operated multi button scene controller with the presets that you wanted.



There are a number of these in different sizes and shapes.

It’s not ideal, but it might work for you.

Thanks. That’s a pretty good solution. I think I’d like to have something that will work even when Smartthings doesn’t though. I’m pretty surprised nobody makes one.

What kind of fan? Brand and model?

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There are several models of Kitchler 3 speed ceiling fans. No light.

Home depot brand Hampton Bay is one solution that might work for you. It has standard controller that also has zigbee radio. It comes with RF wireless remote. If you want wall mounted remote (switch style), there is solution for that leaves you with extra non zigbee controller. That wall mounted RF controller can be paired to zigbee controller.
Zigbee package currently $50:

And non zigbee wall mounted rf controller currently $41.75:

Sometimes they go on sale for around $30 each.
Some people have a problems with zigbee radio signal, but that can be fixed with repeater.

That’s a good device, and it’s in the fan FAQ linked to above, but it doesn’t meet the requirement that the OP specified:

I’d like to push one button to go directly to the speed I want.

Instead, like many smart fan switches, There is only one speed switch and you press it multiple times to toggle through the choices.

It does have an indicator light, but that may not be enough.

I have a friend who has vision challenges and had to replace a bunch of switches in his house because they were toggling through and he never knew what speed they were set on. A switch with a different button for each speed was much easier for him to use.

I don’t know if there are similar issues in this particular case, but I just wanted to mention it is a specific feature that some people need.

This is the only thing I’ve found so far that is close. I’m using it for fan and light with fans set up with Bond. Let me know if you have any questions about it. Bonus is that you can mount it in a gang box if you have an empty hole.

Inovelli fan/light switch. Has a button for on/off and up/down for level change. Fan has 3 speeds plus breeze mode, light is a dimmer 1-99.

Search Inovelli fan + light. Have 5 and they work great.

Again, good device, it’s listed in the fan FAQ linked to above, but again it doesn’t meet the OP’s specified requirements, which was a device with a different button for each speed.

The OP has not yet responded as to whether that’s a hard requirement. It is for some people, I just don’t know if it is in this case. :sunglasses:

If it’s only for 4 different speeds of fan, than any 4-button device would work, such as Ikea 5 buttons remote or Sengled 4 buttons switch, and many other

I do have and use Sengled Switch together with ABC Manager. There is Fan Configuration option that can be assigned to individual buttons.

This switches are currently $16 at BestBuy
Just re-label buttons

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What DTH are you using to add the Sengled switch to SmartThings? I knew about the device, I just haven’t heard of anyone using them with smartthings before. :sunglasses:

Doesn’t meet the OP’s other requirement, though.

Thanks. That’s a pretty good solution. I think I’d like to have something that will work even when Smartthings doesn’t

As far as I know, all of the multi button remotes require the cloud for fan integration.

@JDRoberts Stock dth. It is under Sengled brand as switch. Dth is adding it as switch not as button.

Nice looking remote, that is magnetically attached to wall plate.

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Whit all this things going on, I would definitely go with Hampton Bay, as it would work even without Smartthings hub, not just without internet.

What is the large empty button?/space at the bottom of the hampton bay wall mount?

That’s the battery cover.

It’s battery powered remote, that some people hardwired.

Thanks for the response. In this case I don’t think this will quite work. I would wind up with an unused light button and still not be able to see what speed the fan is running without looking at the fan. Switches that use small LEDs, colored LEDs or blinking LEDs just don’t work very well. This is why I’ve asked for the simple logic of button positions.