Google assistant command for Samsung Air Conditioner?

My Samsung Air conditioner with SmartThings wifi control interfaces with google home.

I can start, stop or change the temperature.

Does anyone know the voice command to change the speed of the ventilator (which is possible in the smartthing app) ?

There’s a guide for available voice commands available in the App:

  1. Open SmartThings.
  2. Click on “Menu.”
  3. Click on “Voice Assistant.”
  4. Click “Learn more” link next to Google Assistant. This should give you the available voice commands per device type.
  5. “Air conditioner” should show in the “Your devices” list, but if not it is also available in “All devices.”

Looks like “Hey Google, set [Device name] speed to [low/high/max]” is what you’re asking about. Hope this helps!

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Found it, thanks !

Strange is the fact that you can set it to “low / high / max” but not to “auto”, which you can in the app ?

Smartthings is installed in Dutch, but the commands on that screen are in English. So I tried to translate them…the only thing I can for the moment is setting it to low and setting it higher (so one step higher)…