Show on/off status of BOND connected fans in SmartThings

I searched for this but couldn’t find an answer. I would like to see the on/off status of my BOND fans and lights in SmartThings. I already installed virtual switches, but am lost from there.

Hey Joel, fellow BOND lover. Do you want to the see the on/off status that’s listed in the BOND app or the actual on/off status of the fans or even still a 3rd option which is to toggle the virtual switch with a smart app every time bond turns a fan on or off?

If the fans are only controlled by BOND and not physical remotes you can use the smart lighting smart app, webcore, ifttt etc. But for physical remotes, wall switches and bond control the only way to know would be a power metering switch to the fan. Then you could have a smart app set the device button to off, low, med, high depending on the wattage draw. Of course the light on the fan would throw a wrench in there but you might get lucky if it’s led and doesn’t draw as much as say the next fastest fan speed :slight_smile:

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If possible I would love to see the status of the BOND. So if I am correct if I use Alexa or the BOND app I could see the status within SmartThings Classic app. It of course would be nice to turn it on from the SmartThings app as well. Of course the actual on off would be fantastic, but hopefully not to involved.

I already use power allocation for my washer and dryer as well as my attic fan. But as you said the light would mess things up.

What option are you using?

Anyone have a answer on how to do this?

sorry for the delayed response joel. The main point here is the BOND is a remote control. It’s the same issue that the HARMONY remotes suffer. It’s a one-way controller. So neither bond nor Harmony knows the state of the device except right after it sends a command, (assuming the device ‘saw’ the command).

So to see the exact status of a bond device in the bond mobile app, you could use the bond API or use IFTTT to control a virtual switch whenever you send a command. These won’t always be the actual state, just the most recent command state.

  1. API - You can check the device state (as listed in the bond app only), you can update the device state if the bond app has it wrong, and control devices.

  2. IFTTT - So in ST you have a virtual device called LR FAN. In IFTTT using ST and BOND: IF (ST) LR FAM>IS TURNED ON> THEN <TURN ON (BOND) LIVINGROOM FAN. You could add another IFTTT receipe but for the opposite, IF LR FAN TURNED OFF>TURN OFF LIVINGROOM FAN. The downside here is that the fan must be controlled thorugh ST only. You can still use ALEXA or GOOGLE but only to control the ST Virtual device, as opposed to signing in to BOND alexa skill or GoogleHome app.

  3. I still believe that wattage monitoring could get you what you’re looking for, especially if the light uses less wattage than the change in wattage between fan speeds. For example, fan speed 1 with the light off might be 70w, and with the light on might be 84w. Hopefully, speed two is more than 85w with the light off. Then you can use webcore to evaluate the wattage, and set the virtual fan switch state to what it actually is.

OK but where in the IFTTT do I find this action? Is it in BOND or ST? I am not sure of the steps to use both ST and BOND in IFTTT

BOND is only a THEN in IFTTT. So the first part of the IFTTT recipe is SmartThings.

IF [SmartThings (device) (action)] THEN [Bond (device)(action)]

Yes I understand that, but where do I create the recipe?

Did Bond not add the IR controller via their SmartThings integration yet?

oh IFTTT is a convoluted mess.

From the home screen of IFTTT on desktop web browser: Choose “get more” button on the top right, then choose the black button near the top middle (IFTHISTHANTHAT) next the text ’ make more applets from scratch’

I think it’s still only the bond factory integrated smart fans.

For now, only Smart By Bond devices are supported (via the new Bond Home app). Bond Bridge (BD-1000) support will be released in the coming weeks.

boooooo. I’ve still never seen one of those factory fans for sale anywhere…

I’m just happy there is an API, there’s enough smartthings to API integrations to get somewhere with the BOND.

OK thanks, I will now have to start with one fan at a time. But it will require a fan on and off and a light on and off. Yes a mess. I just hope eventually there is a better way.