Vivint water leak detector sensor - zwave work with Samsung Home connect?

Bought a new Vivint water leak detector because it supports z-wave.However, I didn’t know that this sensor only works with the Vivint hub panel.

Is there a way I can use my Samsung Home Connect smart Hub with this Vivint sensor?

I tried to find this Vivint sensor in the SmartThings app but it’s not supported.

Is there a way to get this Vivint sensor with my Hub?

Can I Create New Device Handler to get this to work?

Any help would be great!
thank you


Are you absolutely sure it is zwave? My understanding is that these use a 433.92MHz wireless signal (not zwave) to communicate with the vivint hub

Troy, thanks for helping.

I think your absolutely correct. I should have research a bit better. I thought I read somewhere that is was z-wave but was mistaken. Oh well.

thanks for helping


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I actually looked at these not too long ago and realized they wouldn’t work right before i pulled the trigger. At least maybe you can return it.

Not too bad 18 bucks. I’ll see if I can find a someone who might be able to use it but for now I’ll use it as a paper weight.

My house is loaded with top of the line smart devices. but don’t have a smart leak detector. I’m Heading to FLA soon for 4 months and thought it would be good to add one to the arsenal and place it by the indirect hot water heater just in case.

I’ll probably go with with a zwave product that’s listed on the Smartthings app

thanks for all your help.

Stay safe