Water Leak Sensor Reccomendation

Hi. I’m looking for recommendation for a Smarthing Hub-compatible leak sensor. Any one the community has had good luck with. I’d like it to be small if possible.

I have some Samsung ones from a few years ago and they have been nothing but trouble (keep getting disconnected)

After my last one used enough batteries to amount to the unit’s cost within one year, I junked it and I got the HomeSeer flex sensor, which uses a wand like wire to sense the water (not obtrusive, but not compact). It also runs off USB (or battery), which I like. It requires a DH and some easy code edits. It reports temp along with sensors status. I don’t recall any disconnect issues and it successfully reported a water event, so I know it works under real operating conditions.

@avsteele, I bought one of these SENSATIVE STRIPS on a good sale a couple of years back and am very happy with it. They are expensive, but very slim and claim to have a 10-year battery life!

Thanks for the suggestion @homeagain. I’m not so excited to turn this into a coding project though I’l take a look.

Is it as easy as it appears on their page?

Did you every try HomeSeer’s actual leak sensor with the Samsung hub?

Thanks @BartschLabs those looks cool.

I might buy these if my wallet can handle it!

I would suggest picking up a used Utilitech or Everspring sensor off ebay. Very cheap, work really well ( will even pick up moisture off your fingertips) and have incredible battery life. They also have a wire with the probes (about 10ft) which can be placed to where you want water detected and have the sensor in a different location. Highly recommended. I bought a couple of the ones listed below


I actually used code that was posted via this site, but the general process is similar. The only thing atypical about this DH is that it is written for the Homeseer light sensors, so you need to modify the code in a few places to make sure it is looking for and responding to the right device.

I did not use the Homeseer all -in one leak sensor as it has batteries (that I’m avoiding).

I’ve been happy w/ my SmartThings & Iris branded leak sensors over the last several years. I wanted some more leak sensors recently and bought some Centralite ones when they were on sale at getvera.com
Be careful if you pick up new Centralite sensors. I detailed my issues w/ the newer models (3315-G) here: CentraLite Water Leak Sensor 3315-G Issues V2 Hub

I’d be careful with the older ones too. I had the 3315-C ones when I was still using Wink and instead of the two year nominal battery life, I got 3 months at best- with no events and no temperature reporting.

Troy do you pair it as an everspring? (I have two of those.)

Yes use everspring water leak sensor in the app for either everspring or utilitech water sensors…they are identical, just rebranded

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Thanks. That makes it easy.

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