Vivint & Smart Things


I am looking into getting Smart Things to control the house i’m about to move into.

We are looking at getting Vivnt as our security platform.

We use Alexa currently to control the limited stuff we have.

What i’d really like to do is set up a “Going to sleep” mode in Smart Things where all our door locks lock, the lights all adjust to night mode, temperatures set to night mode, and the alarm goes on.

Can i use Alexa/Smart things to control vivnt and everything through alexa?



Yes, since both platforms (Vivnt and Smartthings) both use IFTTT, you can easily do this with virtual switches and routines. If you search the forums, you will find out how to create virtual switches to utilize within Alexa, IFTTT, etc.

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on the IFTTT app i don’t see Vivint on there…

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what i really want to do is create something that allows me when i enter my code into a Schlange Touch lock-- i want it to turn off the alarm system and trigger the lights in the house.

Would Vivint allow that to work through smart things?

My hope is Smart things is my controller and the Vivnt is a secondary to it…with alexa able to control everything

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Hey Josh,

I have my Vivint Sky Control Panel connected to my SmartThings hub as a secondary controller. It didn’t work very well at first, but my firmware has been updated several times since then. Today I installed a new Kwickset Smart Lock and when I associated it to my Vivint Panel it immediately showed up in my SmartHub too. All of my switches that are associated to my SmartHub are now showing up on my Vivint Panel. I can control any device from either place!

One thing to note is that I am part of Vivint’s Beta program so I don’t know if the (working) secondary controller functionality is public yet.

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you. If not, you might just need to be a little patient until the latest firmware comes out.


Hello there and thanks for all the information so far. Can someone please explain how to connect the Vivint SkyControl panel and the SmartThings hub? For the life of me I cannot figure it out.

How did you link Vivint Sky Panel and ST?

I don’t suppose you have the steps for this anywhere? I tried to get it to work several months ago without any luck… I’d like to try again!

How did you do that?

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First, unassociate all your z-wave devices from Vivint and SmartThings.

In your Vivint Panel:

  • Go to the Installer Menu
  • Select Z-wave
  • Choose Learn Controller

In Smarthings:

  • Add new Z-wave device
  • It should show as Unknown Controller or something similar

Sometimes you have to do this a couple times, but your Vivint panel should become secondary to SmartThings Hub. It may take 15-20 minutes to do this.

After that, you can add your z-wave switches/outlets to either Vivint or SmartThings and they will show up in both places, but there are a few things you need to add directly to Vivint (they will still show up in SmartThings) so that Vivint will recognize them in your Vivint phone app, etc:

  • Door Locks
  • Garage Openers
  • Thermostats

Sometimes I had to do a Repair Z-Wave network on both Vivint and SmartThings to get it to work fully. Some of my switches added to SmartThings took 15-60 minutes to show up in Vivint.


I have successfully connected the Vivint Sky Panel to Smartthings several times. The problem I encounter every time is, the Door Locks and Garage Openers become unresponsive in ST and can only be operated through Vivint. The only way to get them to work with ST again is to perform a reset on the device. If i remove the Sky Panel as a secondary controller, everything becomes unresponsive and the entire mesh has to be redone, which is quite time consuming and just a pain in the arse.


Thanks for the rundown on how to connect to the vivint panel, this is exactly what I was looking to do.

Before I start, I have some questions which I can’t seem to find answers to anywhere, however, if you have done this before, I’m hoping you can help!

  • If the Vivint control panel is secondary, does that impact the monitoring service at all?
  • How does the vivint panel react to things that are completely unrelated to security? Does it just ignore them or do they not even show up in the vivint’s panel/ecosystem?
  • I have some aeon multisensor6’s which I use via smart things, I also have some vivint motion sensors which are solely used for security. If I link the panel and the hub, do they all have to be directly linked to either or? I suspect vivint probably doesn’t have the ability to utilize all of the data coming from the multisensors… ideally I’d like to include the motion from the multisensors in the alarm system but retain the routines using them on ST such as turning lights on as you walk into a room.
  • is there any lag introduced into vivint?

thank you in advance!


It doesn’t impact monitoring because all the security-related equipment is not z-wave, it operates at 345Mhz (Smoke detectors, window/door sensors, motion detectors, etc.).

The panel will see z-wave switches and outlets that you add to smart-things but that is it. It won’t pick up your garage controller, thermostat, etc. if you add them to smartthings first. But if you add them to your vivint panel, SmartThings will see them too.

You are correct about the multi-sensors and Vivint. Vivint won’t see their extended capabilities. I really wish that Vivint would proxy their security devices into the z-wave mesh as virtual devices!

I have not noticed any lag.

Thanks for the super fast reply! I heard this forum was good!

So just to confirm, if I add the multisensor’s to smart things, will vivint be able to use the motion feature on them when the alarm is set?

I’d look to keep garage on vivint, but add thermostat and none security related things to ST’s. (assuming there is no issues doing that? )

Again, thanks for your help. I’ll try document my efforts and contribute something back myself.

No, Vivint will not pick up the motion from the Multi-sensor. :frowning:

That sucks but I’d rather have the additional information like temp.

I couldn’t access the installer menu (clicking on the serial number on the
sky panel) as my code doesn’t access it. I’ve sent a message to vivint
asking them to open it up for me so I can link it to ST’s.

Watch this space!

Ever since a recent firmware update on the Vivint sky panel, you need to call Vivint to get them to unlock the panel. Then the code will work for 24 hours. Good luck!

Ok, so I managed to link my panel to ST’s via the “learn new controller” option in the toolbox however, when I see it in the smartthings app, it just has “on / off” options, that don’t do anything.

I tried to add sensors back to the panel which appears to be in 3 stages:

Activate sensor (usually by opening and closing it)
install it (mine are already in place)
then verify connection (which it asks me to open and close the sensor again)

The panel see’s the sensors being activated straight away, but it never responds when trying to verify the connection.

I get the impression that because the sky panel is a secondary controller now, that it is waiting for smartthings to verify it. But with no device handler it doesn’t know what to do…

Is there a key component I’ve missed out here?

Thanks in advance!

when I see it in the smartthings app, it just has “on / off” options, that don’t do anything.

Same with mine.

I tried to add sensors back to the panel

Which sensors are you adding? If they are the door/window sensors that are part of the Vivint system, then they cannot be used with SmartThings (they are not z-wave or zigbee). If they are z-wave multi-sensors, then Vivint does not support them and you should add them directly to SmartThings and not to the Vivint panel.

I’m starting with the door and window sensors that were initially installed by vivint and trying to add them directly back to the vivint panel, I had hoped they would show up in vivint and smartthings doing it that way, however, now I just want them to show up in vivint so I’ve an alarm system again.

I’ll probably call vivint when I get in from work and see if they can help reconnect the devices, I didn’t realize the vivint sensors were not z-wave. Without the sensor input, there isn’t much I’d use with ST’s so I may abandon the project.