Vivint Security Panel & Smartthings Hub

I have a Vivint Security Alarm (Sky Panel). I’ve already purchased and installed several GE Smart Light Switches & the KwickLocks on all the doors. Right now these things work from my Vivint panel. I’d like to purchase the Amazon Echo but I don’t believe it will work with my Sky Panel so I’m interested in a Smartthings Hub. Is there a way I can make it work with my lights & locks or would I have to I have to remove them from my Sky Panel and move them to a Smartthings Hub? I’m new to the Smart Home stuff and I’ve been doing so much reading but can find the answer.

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Did you find out anything on this?

I’m in a similar situation to yours. I just got my Vivint Sky Panel installed yesterday. I know it uses z wave to control the lights/locks/cameras. I also have a Logitech harmony and the Amazon echo. Guess I’ll mention I have some lights hooked up with Wemo. So here was my dilemma - I wanted to be able to perform activities via the Harmony app but the home hub doesn’t support zwave unless you get the $99 extender. I had to decide between smartthings or the extended. I chose smart things because I think it can do more and because the harmony can also connect to it directly. Also, the Echo has native support for smartthings. My hunch is that if the smartthings hub can locate the zwave devices (I don’t think they have to be tied to one hub), then I can control those devices from my echo or from my harmony app. Guess I’ll have to update this on Saturday once I receive the smartthings hub.

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I’m in a current battle trying to get all my lights and switches added to my SmartThings Hub. I also have the Vivint Sky Panel. After some trial and error I’ve been able to get everything added to my SmartThings except my Kwikset Lock. Any suggestions would be so helpful.

I’ve also read that you are supposed to have command access to all the lights and switches with both controllers. For some reason once I add my devices to the ST Hub I know longer can add them to Vivint Sky. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I don’t think you can have a z-wave device connected to 2 different networks simultaneously. So you’ll have to chose either smartthings or Vivint Sky

Did you get an answer to this ? If not I can give you all the steps as I went through this crap with that Vivint provided Kwikset…

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So questions for you guys are you still using the Vivint service or did you discontinue it…my answer depends on those facts… I am a former Vivint customer so I have a little bit of a recommendation for you all on this topic

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After thinking about it I decided it only made sense to leave anything “security” related stuff, such as my door locks, garage doors, and windows with my security company. I moved everything else to my Smartthings hub. Now I’m using Alexa to control the lights, Sono’s speakers, etc.

It would be fun to be able to tell Alexa to lock all the doors or shut the garage doors but oh well!

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Amazon Echo can use Vivint. It’s a skill set that you have to add to echo. Every command however is "Alexa, ask Vivint to _____ " Don’t like how I have to add ask vivint, but it works.

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I just discontinued my Vivint service and would like to use the equipment I had (Thermostat, Door lock, z wave plug, ect.) with SmartThings. I was going to look up each manual and find the rest and setup, but if you have a faster way please share.

I have discontinued Vivint service and would like to use my Smartthings Hub to use my security system. The panel I have has a small screen, a speaker on left corner and plus and home button under small screen. I appreciate any help you can provide.

I went and snagged a Smart Things so that I could add smart smoke/CO2 detectors to my Zwave mesh. Since I didn’t have Vivint install smart detectors when they installed the system, they said I couldn’t add them to the Vivint Sky b/c they would be legally responsible for monitoring them. I also wanted a controller that would allow me to control Zigbee devices. I got the Smart Things hub and integrated it as a secondary Zwave and my primary Zigbee. Works fine so far.

Hardware: Vivint Sky panel and Smart Things 2.0
Set ST up as Samsung’s page (Samsung’s Directions)said to do, went into Vivint sky panel->installer options->ZWave->Shift controller.
All vivint control still works exactly the same, ST can control all lights and switches but cannot control deadbolt lock. I would assume this is intentional for security reasons.

I like ST way better than the Vivint Sky panel for our dimmers. ST gives you a % between 0 and 100, Vivint Sky only gives you 5 levels. I will say that you get control over the devices, but not what they are named in the other controller, so you will have to figure out what is what and name them again in ST.

Hope this helps!

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I just moved into a house that has a Vivint Skypanel and a mess of window sensors, garage door openers, a deadbolt, door bell, and security camera. I called Vivint to see how to assume control of the account and found out it was going to cost way more than I’d care to spend on a monthly basis (almost the cost of a brand new ST hub). So I’m curious what happens when people discontinue their service with Vivint, do they come and repossess any of the equipment or could I keep and use it if the account is terminated?

Has anyone been able to reset and pair the Vivint doorbell, deadbolt, security camera, or contact sensors with ST hub?

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I also just moved into a house (last Saturday) that has Vivint security. The previous owner had a contract monitored service. Best Buy was offering a contract free with the purchase of the equipment. My contract on the house stated that all the security system was included. So I bought a thermostat for full price. I had them come in and install it. The rest of the system, window sensors, doorbell camera, garage door opener, etc were already installed. The installer swapped the Skypanel for free as it was an older version, and I now own the entire system without contract… I can elect to monitor on a month to month basis, such as going out of town. I also purchased the thermostat before May 1 and was able to download the smartphone app that I can use. After May 1, I was told that you had to have a contract to use the smartphone app.

Hope this helps

I have successfully done the shift control and everything migrated to ST, the only thing is that Alexa says “OK” but it dose not work anymore. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help

I had Vivint for couple of days and I am left with the kwikset lock and thermostat. I was able to factory reset both but impossible to pair with Toshiba Symbio. The lock has 2 buttons only. The programming and the A button. Did you run into a similar problem?

Did the smartthings hub work for you?

Did you ever find out how to do this? I moved into a house with Vivint thermostat, but no controller or anything else. The thermostat has z-wave technology, but I don’t know how to pair it with my ST hub. Anyone help?