[OBSOLETE] vivintSmartHomeManager SmartThings Integration for vivint.SmartHome Security Systems

I created a SmartApp for my vivint.SmartHome security system after reverse-engineering their Android app and wanted to share it with anyone who wants to connect their Vivint system devices to SmartThings like I did.

You’ll need to use your credentials to login after integrating with the github repository and installing/publishing the SmartApp and DTHs. So far I’ve integrated with the panel, locks, garage doors, and wireless sensors (contact/motion/fire/flood). All the wireless sensors currently show as just contact sensors with battery. Not all the devices seem to report back a battery level though, so that may be empty for some.

Also, I’ve only had my account to test, so I can’t make a guarantee on compatibility with anyone else’s system. I’m hoping it does and is beneficial though! The repository is below:

owner: natekspencer
name: VivintSmartHomeManager
branch: master

vivint.SmartHome Manager Free SmartThings integration for vivint.SmartHome security systems


Please feel free to enhance or offer feedback, bug reports, questions, etc.

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Only copy paste method right now?

You should be able to add it via github integration:

owner: natekspencer
name: VivintSmartHomeManager
branch: master

Sweet I’ll try it out thanks

Nice to have the door lock battery warning, thanks for this. Battery on all sensors would be nice but doesn’t appear to be there

I see battery levels on:

  • door/window sensors
  • glass break sensors
  • locks
  • motion sensors

I couldn’t find them on:

  • fire alert sensors
  • flood/freeze sensors

It does appear there is still a low battery indicator on the fire alert and flood/freeze sensors, but not an actual level, so I may have to set it at 0/100 based on the true/false alert there.

Do you have another sensor that you aren’t seeing battery levels for?

I only get the door lock, everything else looks like this

Doesn’t look like it’s supported?

It might be based on the actual type of the sensor itself. I just pushed a new update to the sensor that includes an equipmentCode attribute. My window sensors that display battery level report as DW11_THIN_DOOR_WINDOW. If you update the DTH and refresh the device, you should be able to see what type yours is.

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So maybe my Vivint sensors are old and can’t report battery boo

I have two models of glass break also and one shows battery and one doesn’t so its pretty much just my devices and your code is probably all good

Yeah, it probably just has a low battery indicator rather than a battery level value. If you wanted to, in the parseEventData(Map results) function of the sensor DTH, you can add a line for log.debug results and share that output from the “Live Logging” tab to see if there is another field it is reporting for a battery level.

I pushed another update to handle the low battery flag though, so it shows as either 0/100 if there isn’t a battery level already reported. I’m not sure how accurate it will be since I don’t have any devices currently reporting as low battery that don’t have a battery level.

They all show 100 now, I’ll try to open the dth later and see if I can figure that out for you.

Not sure what to do to edit the dth properly sorry

After i added this smartapp should i see the devices in my home now on smartthings? ive logged in on my smartthings app but dont see any of the devices yet, your smartapp did pick up all my sensors and devices that i have associated with vivint

And do you know if this smartapp is compatible with the new smartthings app because i migrated fro the classic app.

If you’ve selected everything and saved it that way, then all the devices should start to be created in SmartThings. Depending on the number of sensors, locks, garage doors, and panels selected, it might take a few minutes for everything to get created. Most of the things work in the new SmartThings app, with the panel arming feature being one of the exceptions I’m aware of.

Yeah i saves everything in the smart app it picked up all my sensors but none of them transferred over to my smartthings home as devices.

Wow my bad dude, my dumbass forgot to install the DTH for the smartapp, looks like all my sensors are showing up now! Great work man thank you!

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Ok and also I was trying to use the contact sensors as well, but then I realized it’s not in real time the lowest polling I can go is one minute so it only updates every minute correct?

Also another issue I do see is that I was trying to use my hallway motion detector as a trigged in webcore or the smart lighting app, but I don’t see the motion capability to use it, I see the sensor itself just not the capability.