Visonic MCT-340 Devices - Issues (Open/Close)

Visonic MCT-340 Devices - Issues

I have had these Open/Close detectors working properly for the last 3 years with no issues.
(Using Samsung Hub v2)

Now ALL of a sudden none of them are recognized or can be found.

I assume because of the App Upgrade. I’ve gone into the Samsung .API Console and tried changing to different “Type” … I haven’t found any TYPES that will be recognized properly.

They have ALWAYS been recognized as NATIVE SMART THINGS Devices without the Handler.

Any Ideas how to get these to be recognized …or am I THROWING these ALL OUT.

As a test I just purchased the ZWave+ EcoLink Detectors and they are recognized and work just fine …

Soooo frustrating …as I have so many rules set up with the open/Close detectors …


Change the device handler to smartsense open/closed sensor

Thanks - I don’t think that is it …I’ve changed in the .API to “Open Close Sensor” still says off line.

I’ve tried changing to “Zigbee Switch” then it all of a sudden it discovers and is on line.
But obviously - it’s not a Switch so …the Open/Close is not correct.

I am not using a Device Handler …Wondering maybe, that changed.