Visonic Door sensors show offline but sending me alerts

I switched from classic to new app.
All my 3rd party door sensor and motion devices are showing offline but continue to send me alerts when triggered.
I could no longer select them to view battery status or history.

How am I supposed to know if they are working if they are marked as offline. Especially when I am away. The only way for me to find out is to open the door or window. Or with motion dectectors, I have to be moving in front of the device.

I also don’t know if the device battery is dead. Because when I touch the device on the app I get the “can’t connect to device” message. I know the device is working because it sends alerts whenever it gets triggered.

I also did the REPAIR Z-WAVE NETWORK over and over. No errors on those devices.

What else should I do?
I did not have these problems in the classic app.

Brand/model of the devices? Are you using a custom device handler?

The sensors are of the Visonic brand.
I don’t remember if I am using a device handler.

Do you know how I could find out?
Thank you.

Login to IDE at

Go to Devices, click on your sensors and look at device type. For the visonic, you will want to use smartsense open/closed sensor. If they are not, choose edit at the bottom of that screen and change it from the pull-down and update.

For motion sensors, if they are z-wave devices… try z-wave motion sensor. Or for Zigbee, choose zigbee motion/temp, etc

Thank you very much.

Really? The new app did this “decoupling” to visonic devices?
I think I am in trouble. I don’t know if I’ll screw up if I change the device types.

I’ll keep your notes for now. I really appreciate it.
Thank you.

I’ll wait until after the elections. Hopefully the visonic devices keep sending alerts.

They should work but as you have seen, you will not be able to open them in the new app to view details.

You will not mess up anything by changing them. You could always undo and change back to their current device type (keep track of the current device type).

A good test would be to change one of them, check in the new app to see if it opens for you. If it works, change the others when you feel comfortable doing so.

Ok. Thank you. I’ll try one device.

So the problem is on the new app. It is not allowing me to check the status and reports the visonic devices as offline. The old app is still working fine. Old app shows history, battery and temperature.

Yes, the current device type for the sensors are most likely not compatible with the new app. But you will find the smartsense device handler is better and also local execution on the hubs.

I have visonic sensors and I had to edit the device handler when I moved over :slight_smile:

No reset is needed… only change the device type.

I changed one visonic door sensor to Smartsense open/closed device type. It worked!

I changed one Bosch PIR motion sensor to z-wave motion sensor. It worked again.

No need to reboot anything.

I’ll continue the changes.

Thank you very much JKP.


I am getting the status page now. But is still declaring that it is offline. Better than before.

you can try rebooting your hub in IDE under hubs > view utilities > reboot hub

but that one, I’d probably suggest not worrying too much - many users are experiencing the offline status for devices

Everything is good now. I just had to wait for the hub to do its job.