Sensor offline reports over the past few days

Wondering if this is a “just-me” - I’ve been getting multiple sensor offline reports from ST over the past few days, from door and motion sensors. So far (coincidentally?) I think it’s only been affecting Zigbee devices. Haven’t added anything to my ST network or changed anything lately.

I unplugged my ST hub and removed batteries and will wait 20 minutes and plug in again to rebuild the Zigbee network.

Anyone else seeing this recently?

Fine here. Are you getting a push notification or just looking at the devices in the app?

Push notifications.

I restarted the hub after 25 minutes off/no batteries, and things appear to be back and working except for one contact sensor (a different one than before) which reports open when it’s closed. Opening/closing it doesn’t help, and the same brand zigbee contact sensors right next to it and farther away are working fine. So better than before (especially since before the reboot the front door sensor was the one that wasn’t working - now it’s just the dryer door sensor).

My front door sensor (Visonic MCT-340e) dropped off sometime Sunday afternoon, but my garage door (Samsung MultiSense) and leak sensors (Xiaomi Aqara) are still all online. Last battery report from the Visonic was 44% so it seems unlikely that it just died at the same time as yours. I was away when I noticed it and haven’t gotten around to rebooting the hub yet…

Thanks, mine are Visonic as well (the front door sensor that was showing open when closed, and now the dryer sensor). Both show battery % in the 60’s so doesn’t appear to be a battery issue, and the dryer sensor was working fine yesterday when we were doing laundry.

All my other Visonic are fine - I have 11 or 12 of them around the house.

I don’t think SmartThings itself sends push notifications for offline devices. What app are you using to do so?

Simple Device Viewer. It was accurate in terms of the devices that weren’t working properly (door and motion sensor) before the reboot. It currently shows the dryer door sensor as Not Available, along w/another Visonic I’ve converted to a leak sensor. Leaving for work - later today I’ll pull the batteries and restart each one of them to see if that helps.

Pulled battery, reinserted, and set desired DTH (smartsense open/close) and that one is back online.

The other that is still showing offline in Simple Device Viewer is showing online/reporting on my Things page, and it’s in a spot where I’'d have to move a bunch of stuff to pull the battery so I’ll get to it later, but as far as I can tell the Visonic that I’ve converted to a leak sensor is actually OK.

So likely this was a just-me issue.

Join the club.

After the SmartThings outage and/or firmware update on Sunday, my 20x Visonic MCT-340 E all went down.

I’ve tried everything: Visonic hard resets, hub 30 minutes resets to rebuild the mesh, changing the device type from Visonic customer handler to Smart Sense, no success. The device sometimes come back for 1 event (ex.: door closed) and then no further event.

This is pretty frustrating. I’ve spent hours and hours trying different alternatives and analyzing the logs.

You might try something along the lines of what I did. I had installed the custom DTH from this thread a while back to turn one of my extra Visonic sensors into a leak sensor.

When I pulled and reinserted the battery on one of my Visonic sensors that was offline, it came back up using the custom DTH above. Then went into the IDE and changed the DTH back to the desired SmartSense open/close) and it’s been fine since then.

I have various Zwave and Zigbee devices that I am unable to control via the ST app or via WebCoRE. It’s been that way since Sunday night.

EDIT: File this under turn it off and on. I unplugged my ST hub and removed the batteries for 60 seconds. Then powered everything back up and my devices are working again. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Some updates guys.


  • executing a mesh heal
  • manually resetting the Visonic window/door sensors
  • replacing the batteries for the most unstable ones
  • trying two different device handlers (the most popular custom one, and the local one provided by ST)

Half of the Visonic sensors are dead again this morning.

This Sunday firmare update really did make my purchase questionnable.


Did you ever get things working? Mine is offline, too, and I’m getting nowhere getting it up again.

Odd - my Visonics are fine, and have been since I restarted my hub. In fact I added another Visonic to my network yesterday and it’s working w/out issue.

I am having issues with multiple devices reporting as unavailable as well. Started happening this past week, I can still turn them on and off in the app. However, they will not work with cloud based apps.