Virtual thermostat vs manual control?

HI There
Is somebody know how to bypass or pause core piston when i manually control a switch.

I have set up a temperature sensor in my pool and control my pool heat pump. I did 2 piston ,one is if temp is 85 or more turn heat pump off ,if temp is 84 or below turn on heat pump.
But sometime i just want to turn on my heat pump to get more heat .But core turn it off…
Maybe with core i can set up a rules like that ( if temp is 85 or more turn off heatpump but if is control manualy dont do nothing .Or more simple a virtual switch that turn off that piston.

I just dont know how to do it

You’ve answered to your own question… Just create a virtual switch and add it in the IF statement…if temp > 85 AND virtual switch is OFF then…


Ok thanks
I knew i was near to a solution,just did it and it work

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