Thermostat Hold feature

My thermostat is set to automatically adjust temperatures.
Sometimes, though, I need to put that piston on hold, and set a given temperature by hand, if possible in the Smartthings interface.
I need some ideas to get started.

I would add a virtual switch to that piston, something called Manual Thermostat or similar. Add that as a condition in your piston to check that it is ‘off’. When that virtual switch is on, then the piston shouldn’t do any of its tasks.

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Great. Thanks. Now is there a way to input a desired temperature from Smartthings?

That may depend on your thermostat, but I have a Honeywell that allows me to adjust the temperature from within ST Classic. I just go to the Things list and select it.

Yes, my thermostat would allow me but then it is a multi step more complicated procedure.
My hope was to have a routine that would ask what temperature we want to set the hold at, and then either pause the piston or turn on the virtual switch that will be recognized by the piston as suggested.

I don’t think a routine will prompt, at least in the Classic app.

You might need several virtual switches for varied temperatures that when tripped would run webCore.

Too bad. Do you think a dimmer virtual switch could do it?

Interesting thought. I have no idea.

I believe a virtual dimmer will send instructions to set whatever at a level. If you can trap those levels in ranges in webCore, you might be able to set the thermostat based on that. It’s worth playing with.

How to set automation for a thermostat should be OFF if and only if a door (Multipurpose sensor) is opened for more than one minute and it should be ON if and only if the door (Multipurpose sensor) is closed for more than one minute.