How to resume a Piston with a Virtual Switch

I have created a virtual switch that I use in ST routines. When “Seasonal ON” is on, it pauses 5 pistons and turns off the thermostat. It woks fine. (sorry new users can only add 1 picture to a post. I saved it for the last one).

When the outside temperature is going to change enough that I want the heat or air to work again, the thought was to just use the virtual switch “Seasonal OFF” and turn on the heat or air, and resume the paused pistons. It does not resume the paused pistons. Is there a better way to resume a paused piston?

When I use “Seasonal OFF” the thermostat changes to cooling 73* and my piston that sends a text message to several people in the house to close windows works. (it was never paused).

I have not figured out a way to automatically have it know if the thermostat should be set to heat or air. I guess I could just have 1 for each.


I use a switch as a restriction. When on (or off) don’t run.

Therefore when off (or on) run.