Webcore temperature control help

Im very new to Webcore and Ive tried my best at it but im having a few issues.

Im controlling 3 AC units through IFTTT, so in smartthings I created 3 virtual switches to control them which works fine, I then added temperature sensors around my house.

How does one go about using webcore to control my virtual switches depending on temperature on the sensors?

Like if a sensor go above or below a certain threshold it should turn on or off a certain virtual switch.

I find the webcore very confusing or perhaps im just too dumb to create one, any help?
Thanks alot in advance

you need to make sure you can access the temp sensors that you have in your house within webcore.

assuming that you have all that setup then

if temp sensor 1 rises above x for y minutes
then turn switch off

if temp sensor 1 drops below a for b minutes
then turn switch on

if temp sensor 2…

I would personally stay away from else statements in this case as you may find that it doesn’t behave as you would want to.

hopefully that will give you enough to start playing, I always find that you learn much more by just giving it a go.

Here is my approach on keeping the temp 24-25 C degrees at night:

  1. Setup a piston to run every X minutes (mine is set at 5 mins) between 1 AM and 3 PM and check the sensor temp
  2. Add IF statement:
  • If sensor temp is less than or equal to X degrees. (mine is 24C) THEN turn ON the heater (TP-Link outlet in my case)
  • Else if temp is equal or greater than X degrees (25 in my case) THEN turn OFF the hearer

So my piston runs every 5 mins only during the hours when I’m actually in the bedroom and only during the cold months and checks the sensor temp and turns On or Off the TP-Link outlet where the electric heater is plugged.

Beside this “auto mode” I also have 3 more pistons, one that turn on the heater 24/7 no matter the temp, one that turn off the heater and the third that turn on the heater with the “auto mode” at any hour. These last 3 pistons are triggered by virtual switches on my ST app so I can have some manual control over the heater when I need it to. If you’re interested I can share the entire heater automation I’ve done. However one thing I’m trying to implement and I haven’t yet found a solution is to setup a virtual thermostat to be able to control the temp. I have a rough idea on how to implement it in the pistons but I’m not finding the virtual thermostat to control and use. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here. Cheers!

Thanks alot for helping out, how do I make another if block? I have only one.

Think Ill have do abit more reading!

I would love if you would share your pistons.
I think I need 3 pistons like your first one and then I can see what you did with the others!
I want to be able to control all individually but still have anway to operate them together since tyeyre relatively close by

Sure, no problem. Here are the 4 pistons I use to control the bedroom heater (tp-link plug)

This is by no means the most elegant solution out there but it get’s the job done.
Switch 9 is the TP-Link outlet where the heater is plugged in
Switch 13 is the Heater ON virtual switch in the ST app
Switch 12 is the Heater OFF virtual switch in the ST app
Switch 11 is the Heater Auto Mode virtual switch in the ST app
Hope it’s useful to you

Thanks alot for sharing the pistons, I like the way handle the switches, I’ll probably do the same with the help from your pistons.

Something like low / middle / high temperature control and night / day. It’s gonna be a fair share of pistons, seems like a hassle to keep track of! But, perhaps I’ll learn to do it more consolidated in time, if I ever find myself with more sparetime I’ll certainly have a looksie!

On a second note, keeping 24-25C in bedroom, isnt that costing you a fortune?
I’m having 2x 7KW and 1x 5KW heat pumps (AC) and keeping the temperature in my house around 21-22 is costing me a fair bit but since they’re inverters they cost less if the outside temp doesn’t go much below -7.

I’m trying to cut down the energy bill at the cost of comfort :[ I wish using webcore was easier. lol, I dont understand half of it

Not only that it costs a lot but it feels like I’m sleeping in a sauna. The girlfriend is nuts and it’s nothing I can do about it :smile: :. It’s either this or the heater is on 24/7 at max power so for me this is actually saving me money compared to last winter when I didn’t had ST and Webcore.

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Hi dixon,

thanks to your post I was finally able to create my piston where in winter if my weather station is between 6F (Heat pump will not work below this) and 40F it will turn on my daughters heat pump in her cold room so it is warm when she gets up.

My question is, do you know where to find the variable definitions? I am using SetALL(‘heat’,71, Auto) but I don’t know what Auto means. I want the heat and 71, but I also want the fan speed to be low and the vanse to point to the down most position, but I have not found a guide on where all this is. Do you know?


Unless your heat pump can be natively seen by smartthings its going to be abit harder to initially be set up the way you want it.

Variable definitions as is what? Im unable to understand what you mean by this?
Im setting temp with either virtual switch or directly in webcore by ifttt maker request.

You can either do virtual switch that sets the fan speed and diagonals of the fins or directly by IFTTT or your other options is to get a wifi / ir blaster that can be connected to smartthings or ifttt or similar.

I made a master piston which registers all my heat/ac pump settings and a second piston which has the rules and a third piston setting modes depending on time and presence.

If none of the above is an option for you, you could for example set a smartplug and make a rule for it to only work when within outside temp range.

Regarding the “low fan and diagonals” obviously we have the dB issue but other than that, the fan itself doesnt use much and its more energy efficient to reach setpoint as fast as possible than to slowly work your way up.

Auto is most likely the fan that auto regulates the speed, its utterly crap just as the auto mode is for heat/cold.

Dont know if any of this is to any help, if you have any more questions Ill reply as best I can.

Best regards