Virtual Thermostat Controlling AC?

So I’ve got this CoRE piston I’m using to control when my window air conditioner kicks on and off and wondering if there’s a way to change the set points using a virtual thermostat. Sometimes I want them to be higher or lower and currently have to go into CoRE and edit the piston. Even though I’d like to have it be simpler it’s still fine for me since I’m the one with the SmartThings app and know how to change the piston. However for anyone else it’s a pain because even if they ask Alexa to turn the AC off it just kicks back on. I’m not sure where to begin in tying the virtual thermostat to the piston, whether to start over in webCoRE, perhaps there’s an existing smartapp that’ll do this or god forbid the device handler for the thermostat would need to be changed.

P.S. Yes I know it says Christmas lights but that’s because I’m using the same WeMo Insight Switch for both.

My apologies for cross posting. Working on it here in the webCoRE community. You’re more than welcome to join in - almost got it finished.