Vimar view wireless Zigbee problems

Hi, I have a problem with Vimar view wireless, the device connects fine using “Zigbee Generic switch”.
The status is correctly reported in st but if I tell a routine or alexa to turn off when it is already off it turns on.
Same thing if the device is turned on and I tell it to turn it on it turns off. it seems that the status is correctly reported he does not consider it. do you have any suggestions?

Hi, I have 8 Vimar switches in house and the behavior is that described by you.
For alexa I I haven’t solution, for Smartthings I always check the status before actuation …

How do you check? with webcore? you have any examples?

Ok Webcore, but I don’t like it so much, after opening a ticket with Vimar I was contacted and they told me that they pass the problem to the developers, let’s see what they say.

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Update, vimar has encountered the problem and are already working on a new firmware.

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How do we know when the new firmware is ready ?

Vimar told me that with the next release of the app there will also be the new firmware.

Hi, I’ve a vimar switch, but I do not find “Zigbee Generic switch” Handler, please there is someone who can help me thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mattia, you have to follow this procedure:

  1. Long press the switch button (about 5 seconds) until the led on the switch flashes blue.
  2. Open the View Wireless app. Press “Gestisci dispositivo” and update the firmware to zigbee.
  3. When the firmware is updated quickly open the smartthings app, add new device, scan for nearby devices.
  4. Smartthing should find a “Thing”. Now you can name it the way you want (eg. “Luce soggiorno”).
  5. Go to the Smarthings IDE:
  6. Login and go to “my devices”. Click on the device name to open it (eg. “Luce soggiorno”).
  7. press “edit”
  8. under “Type” select “ZigBee Switch”. Press “Update”.

Now open the ST app and enjoy! :slight_smile:


Just as an update. The new firmware has been published like 1 month ago.


Thanks for your repply, I’m new on smartthings:)