Vimar Zigbee Roller Shutter doesn't work

Hi everyone. I’m new and i bought the hub a few days ago, so i’m trying to learn.
My smarthome is based on Vimar View Wirless system and every light switch works well with zigbee connectivity, but i’ve got 3 roller shutters and with zigbee they don’t work. I select “curtains” in type of device in IDE and in the app the roller shutter take the commands, but after they don’t respond and send me error message. On alexa app i see the device, but i can’t controll. how can i resolve it? Thanks and sorry for my BAD english!

Hey Luca,

Did you find a DTH for the specific zigbee rollers? just selecting a generic dth does not mean it will work properly with the system.

I don’t know how to do that. I just try to change the “type” and i select “zigbee curtains” on the IDE. Where can i find the DTH?

You need to search. What make and model is your device?

This is my device. The light switchs work, this one not.

Yeah pretty sure you won’t be able to get this to work. You really should research what is compatible before buying.

It works :wink: Just change DH

Yes it works but you need to use ZigBee Window Shade

Since I understand you’re italian, why don’t you join our Facebook Group for ST Italian users? You’ll find many users with experience on Italian devices (Vimar in particular)

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