Viewing Smartcam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN on Echo Show

If, like me you have one of Samsung’s range of IP cameras as in the title of this thread, but have been struggling to show your cameras feed in SmartTiles or ActionTiles, there is now a alternative option for some people. If you have Amazon Echo Show, or Fire TV Stick, you can use the Monocle skill in Alexa and view your video feed in full screen on your tv or Echo Show, with a simple voice command of “Alexa, show CameraName”

I have this working on two SmartCams, one with 1.05 firmware not connected to SmartThings, and the other with a post-1.07 firmware that is connected to SmartThings.

Apparently Monocle is also compatible with many other rtsp camera feeds.

I have been very happy with it in the couple of weeks I have tried it out, bear in mind the restriction that it can only be viewed by a Fire TV or Echo Show on the same LAN as the camera, so this wont be a remote viewing option. Its so good, I am now considering buying more Fire TV sticks next time there is a deal on !

I hop there is a way for Monocle to monetise this, as they should be rewarded for this excellent development work.


Great find and share, thanks!

I’ve been doing a lot of research on RTSP feeds recently, so it’s interesting to see this particular integration.

I wonder how popular the Echo Show is, so far… We’d love to offer ActionTiles on it, and this Monocle integration gives me clues. But it’s not worth it if the Show isn’t selling…

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Can you explain how to do it?

Did he ever explain?