Echo Show integration

I can’t find a way to integrate an Amazon Echo Show. The integration/add device only lists the echo, the dot, and tap.
Is there a way to get Smartthings to integrate with the Echo Show? Without doing it, it appears that it won’t show the Arlo cameras, since they are all integrated to Smartthings.
Thanks for any help!

The integration is the same no matter what echo you have. Just use the regular Echo integration process…this will only give you native integration …if you want really comprehensive control search here for Ask Alexa ([RELEASE] Ask Alexa)

Full disclaimer, I am the author of Ask Alexa.


The SmartThings integration will only be for the same voice Alexa features that are available on the echo or the dot. At the present time, you can’t extend it to cameras even when the camera has its own Alexa integration. So you can’t use SmartThings to start video playing from the Arlo to the show even though SmartThings has an integration with both.