ActionTiles on Echo Show

I know you can’t browse to a web page on the Echo Show right now, but it would be nice if we could run ActionTiles on the Echo Show for a ST touch interface on this.

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That would be freaking awesome! I would actually buy one of it could do that.

Does anyone know??? You can already ago the echo for a recipe… If you ask the show, will it display it on the screen?

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Yeah, i’m using the AllRecipes skill and it will show you the receipe on the show.

Sweet! I just found my "in"with the wife!

You should write a book.


Whyohwhyohwhyoh did Amazon have to put in such a selfish restriction!

So, you can search the web on an echo with no screen, but can’t on an echo with a screen…

I think somebody got something backwards


I’m sure you bright minds will come up with a skill that pulls up a website… like AT’s url for example :slight_smile:

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Would you want to pull up a dashboard on echo show and use that to control versus asking Alexa to do it for you?

But on other hand you can get a glance of every device’s status… u still will have to scroll down though.

It’s FireOS, so give us a few hrs and we will have it rooted and will soon have access to the system.


^ This.

Echo Show is a “visual companion” to voice.

If this device is popular, we would consider ways to make visible the specific requested information via a Skill… e.g., “Alexa, show me all my Contact Sensors…”.


It would be nice if it mimicked the notifications i have on my phone. So if my garage door opens, it would show on the echo. I have several doors and temps that i have Smartthings monitor and would love to glance at my echo show to see those notifications.

i guess i wont be able to make it work without a amazon echo :frowning:
Dont feel like buying a 2nd voice assistant seeing that i have a google home

2nd? Whoa Bro, you can’t just have 1! You need voice in EVERY room!!!:joy:


Especially when you can intercom between rooms with Alexa…Thats my favorite feature. I had anticipated this would come one day, the moment they released Echo 2 years back.


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time. I’m glad to see it finally here.


I got a sample product from Amazon to test. :wink: My explanation! Wonder what to do for a second one. May be they sent me a retail product for testing the first one. :slight_smile:

Amazon has a deal 2x Echo Show devices 100$ off.
“Buy 2, Save $100. Place two or more Echo Show devices in your cart and receive $100 off your order with code SHOW2PACK.”

ActionTiles would be really nice on the Show…

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Well, it looks like there’s hope!

A browser exists on the Echo Show (which makes sense, as it’s speculated that it’s running FireOS beneath the locked down “kiosk” interface…)…

Not currently a good way to run ActionTiles, but at least the capability is there…

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I was envisioning having it call out a specific panel…
“Alexa, show me ActionTiles Main” or “Alexa, show me ActionTiles Basement”, or whatever the panel name is… (?).

I’ve not looked into what it takes to write a skill for Alexa, but I’d think that might be a better way to go?

The trick would be sharing the ActionTiles account/permisions with the Alexa app to set it up, that would seem to be the difficult part…