Security Camera Product Selection

Can anyone please suggest a good security camera product line that will integrate to smart things? I was robbed this week; thus, inspiring me to add many more items to secure my home even further.

I am looking for a system that of coarse will record some video and connect to smart things. I see some will dial out on alarm as well. After a stressful week, it would be helpful to have some product selections an save me some energy in searching for them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

if you have an old computer you can leave on 24/7, Blue Iris.

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Blink cameras were the go-to for many people but Blink recently ended its ST integration. You can still use IFTTT but there are some delay issues for many.

I just returned all of my Blink cameras to Amazon and got Foscam cameras and so far they work really well with ST. The downside is they are wired whereas Blinks were wireless making them more convenient.

There is also Arlo but many people complain about the delay between motion and notifications.