Smartthings compatible security cameras

looking for an indoor wireless security camera that will work with my smartthings hub.

any suggestions will be helpful …

If you’re in the USA, use this site to lookup compatible devices

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I highly recommend the Smartthings Cam. I have 4 of these and they work fantastic. Currently $49 at

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Thanks… does it show in color during daytime? Also I assume it is plus in. Is this correct?

Yes color in 1080p and night vision. Yes, ac power

Thanks… much appreciated!

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Youre welcome

What features are you looking for from your Camera and which ones do you want accessible through SmartThings? Here’s another topic discussing it as well:

Thanks … What I am mostly interested in is to be able to use my Smarthings app to turn the camera off when I am home and on when I leave via cell phone status. I believe that the Smartthings security app can be arranged to support this function as long as the camera is compatable.

Opinions welcome … Steve

I think Arlo and SmartThings cams are the only ones that support that function out of the box.

OK … Thanks.

Due to price, I plan to try the Smartthings cam and see how it goes.

Only drawback is Smartthings cam is indoor only, so you cant have it anyhere it can get wet. I do have one of mine mounted in an outdoor covered porch however and it still works fine. They run warm so humidity/moisture isn’t a factor at all

it also doesn’t work with Echo or Google Home devices to view the camera live.

If I’m not mistaken. Nest cams are the only ones that can be viewed on Google Home

lots of cameras can be viewed on Google Home. Arlo, Wyze, etc.

Thanks for the clarification. I was misinformed.

As Jimmy said, Arlo and SmartThings have a native integration, but there are custom integration available on the community for Foscam, Blink and Amcrest which can turn the motion detection on/off.

Given the above I think it may help to dig deeper into what features you want, like cloud storage or local storage, PIR sensor or general motion detection, Battery operated (Blink just knocks this out of the park with a 1-3 year battery life!) or mains powered, do you want Pan/Scan or just static wide angle view (Foscam is brilliant at panning when motion is detected), 720p or 1080p, continuous recording (Amcrest and Foscam have these) or short clips and so on.