[Video Series] Getting to Know webCoRE

I shared this over the webCoRE community but I know a lot of people end up here first when looking for help so I figured I’d share here as well.

I’ve been working on a video series going over webCoRE for people getting started or who are looking for piston ideas. With my latest video on variables now live I think the series is now developed enough to share with the community. I have below all of the videos currently in the series and the whole playlist can be found here: http://bit.ly/webCoRE

I have a bunch of additional videos planned for the series and if there are any suggestions on things to cover or suggestions on how to make the videos more interesting / helpful please let me know!

Introduction to webCoRE:

Installing webCoRE on Hubitat:

Dashboard Deep Dive:

Conditions vs Triggers:


IFTTT Integration:

Smart Laundry Room Monitoring & Notification:

Setting up Low Battery and Offline Smart Home Device Notifications:

Recreating The Google Home “Let’s get Spooky” routine:

Basic Light Control (Using Time of Day):

Advanced Light Control (Motion & Time of Day + Timers):

Controlling Multiple Light Switches (4-way Light Mimicking):

How to Mimic a Hardwired Smart Fan with Smart Switch and a RF Bridge:

IFTTT Custom Applets & webCoRE (Using Bond Bridge Fan Controller):

Advance HVAC Control Home Automation:


Thanks for posting - I watched a few last week as I was making the dive into webCoRE and they helped!


Glad they were helpful to you!

If there is anything you think I should cover that could help others or you want to see let me know! I’m also always open for suggestions on how to make my videos better / more enjoyable in general.

Any suggestions, tips or recommendations that you may have for this piston that I’m working on would be cool! I’m trying to post most things on that site (as are you) but it’s not very active atm

I don’t have any suggestions for adding anything to the piston.

You did mention using motion sensors but I don’t see anything relating to them in the piston. If you have a motion sensor in their room(s) you could set it up to turn the light off after X number of minutes of no motion.

You can add in turning their lights off in that piston like you were asking by having an if block for (if presence sensor leaves) then turn off lights.

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