Continued WebCoRE Support?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I searched the forum but didn’t find anything definitive.

Has SmartThings said definitively what the plan is for WebCoRE? Either I missed an announcement or they don’t have (or won’t share) a strategy. WC pretty much controls every aspect of our home and I’d like to begin looking at alternatives and getting up to speed on a new platform if that’s going to be necessary. Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.

Webcore will continue to work as is for now.

What you’re interested in is tonsee a definite path fkr WebCoRE before the IDE is retired (Current best estimate ia >12 mo)

The developer for WebCoRE has already stated they want to modify it to uae something called the Rules API but they’re stuck waiting on SmartThings to release variables support inside of it…

Short version… Youre good for the immediate future stay tuned for future updates.


I am as well interested in webcore support for new smartthings app. I have a piston that is triggers by the executing of a routine and with the new smartthings app, routines do not work the same and there is no where in webcore to execute an automation or scene. I’ve read a post that you can use the scene id inside of webcore but that is only for the action, i need to be able to use a scene for an IF trigger.

Define this a little more please.

The general workaround for firing routines is throwing a virtual switch ‘on’ and then usingnthatbasbthe trigger for the routine. But I’m trying to understand what you’re trying to do first.

the way that my piston is currently setup is: if routine “night” or “out” is ran then webcore checks the status of all lights, contact sensors and door locks then sends me a push notification with the statuses. Since webcore doesn’t recognize the scenes in the “new” smartthings app that piston doesn’t work because it is looking for routines in the classic app and not scenes in the new app. I guess the only option would be to use an automation to trigger a virtual switch to run the scene which will then have webcore check the statuses.

There is a way to directly call a new ST scene through WebCoRE using the REST API for SmartThings. I have a piston that does exactly that that. Im not in front of a console where I can pull it right now (and my code is quite a mess in it too. Ill have to hunt fornthe piston I based mine off of.

Search the Google machine for WebCoRE Scene REST API SmartThings and you should find the example im looking for. If I remember it was originally posted om the WebCoRE community site.

I did find the process for getting the scene id and i saw in webcore where you can use the web request option in webcore but web request only is available as an action under the location menu. it doesn’t seem to be an option to be a trigger

Gotcha, now I know what you’re trying to do. For a scene itself to be a ‘trigger’ in place of ‘when X routine runs’ Then:
create a virtual switch
and add it to your scene
and turn it ON inside the scene
Use THAT V-switch as the trigger, and in your piston turn it back off.

Ok, thank you for your help. I sure hope that they get webcore updated to work properly with the new smartthings as it does with smartthings classic.

There are announced plans for updates based on RulesAPI and there is/was a very early beta. See the SDC2019 videos. I know RulesAPI needed some specific features before the WebCore team could proceed further.