Video Doorbells other than Ring?

Recently purchased a Aeotec Smart Home SmartThings Hub - GP-AEOHUBV3US.

Looking to add a video door that will work with this Hub, besides a Ring doorbell, looking for a non subscription based product if possible.

What do all recommend ?


there’s a couple ways you can find out which products officially work with SmartThings (some of which don’t require the hub):

  1. The SmartThings website Works With SmartThings List | SmartThings
  2. In the app. From the Favorites screen, tap + in the upper right, select Device and about half way down the screen you can look by brand or device type

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Also, video devices, including cameras and doorbells, most likely communicate with your SmartThings account by WiFi and don’t care whether you have a hub or not.

The hub is primarily for communicating directly with zwave or Zigbee devices.

As Jimmy suggested, open the ST app, go to Add a Device, and search by device type and you’ll see the list of brands in your region that have at least some models for which the manufacturer has provided an ST integration. Check model numbers carefully, it’s sometimes just a few, not the whole brand.

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We should also ask what exactly you envision happening with this video doorbell. There are some devices that don’t have an official integration with smartthings, but where you can use Ifttt or the Amazon Alexa app as an intermediary and get some partial integration that way. But it all comes down to the exact model numbers and what you want to have happen.

For example I use a Eufy video doorbell, which doesn’t require a subscription, and I like a lot. There’s no direct integration with smartthings. But it does integrate with the Amazon Alexa app, and so does smartthings. So if someone presses the doorbell, I can have events occur with devices that are controlled by smartthings.

But the eufy is a very inexpensive device, and you can’t trigger just from its detecting motion. If someone just stands there and doesn’t press the bell, you don’t get a trigger.

So I also have a hue outdoor motion sensor in that area.

So as always, it comes down to the details of exactly what you want to do.

Thx for that. I am in Canada and I dont see many good video bells in the list. Is the list only certified ST devices. Do other non listed ST devices work. Basically I dont want to have multiple Apps to open and control. I dont mind adding Alexa stuff to integrate through.

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Ok, that will help.

So what use case are you trying to automate?

A person walks towards the door. What happens next? Do you need to recognize them just from movement? Or will an actual button press be enough?

Once there is recognition that someone is at the door (or pushed the button), what do you want to have happen next?

Starting off small at first. For automation I would like to be notified on human motion (not all the false motion alerts) to my ST app. Also be able to talk.


Good goal, not always easy to accomplish without a subscription, though, as most cameras/video doorbells limit people recognition to their paid subscription plans. :thinking:

Hopefully other people will chime in if they have something working.