Normal doorbell as opposed to video doorbell? Integration with Arlo cameras? (2019)


Is there a regular smart doorbell that works with Smartthings? Or only video doorbells?

I have an Arlo pro 2 on the porch. I don’t see the need for a ring doorbell.

Any suggestions?

There are two out-of-the-box solutions for this, and then a number of DIY approaches.

First, there is the Aeotec doorbell. This is just a button device which communicates with its own base station inside the house. The base station is Z wave and can communicate with a smartthings hub. (The rectangular piece is the doorbell button, the square piece is the base station.) you can also purchase an additional button if you want to have two.


If you want access to all of its features, you will need a custom DTH.

Next, the Nexia doorbell sensor has been around for a long time. It works with your existing doorbell. It will detect if the existing doorbell chime inside your house is vibrating, and then communicate with the smartthings hub by Z wave.

Many people have taken a DIY approach somewhat similar to the nexia device where they just take a vibration sensor or another kind of device and set it where it can detect your existing doorbell being used. To find those project reports, go to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down near the bottom of the page for the “project report“ section and then choose the “doorbell“ list. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the reply. The house is new construction and doesn’t have an old fashioned doorbell. I’ll look into the Aeotec. Will I be able to receive notifications To echo speakers and to smart phones and video from the Arlo camera when the doorbell is pressed?

Could I just use the smartthings button as a doorbell? Can it trigger the Arlo and make echos “ring”?

Yes, in the sense that The doorbell push is an event that smartthings can recognize, so you can use that as a trigger for any other action that smartthings can initiate. :sunglasses:

That could certainly include notifications, echo voice announcements, lights turning on, etc.

I don’t know about the Arlo cameras, because I’m not sure what events smartthings can trigger on those.

is it water/weather proof?

It would be located under a porch overhang

The Aeotec doorbell is spec’d for outdoor use with a two-year battery life.

Designed to weather the elements, Doorbell 6’s outdoor button is waterproofed to IP55 standards and can operate in temperatures between -4°F and 104°F / -20°C and 40°C.

The smartthings button will probably have a 6 month battery life, is only spec’d down to freezing (32 Degrees Fahrenheit), and is not waterproof.

So it would depend where you live.

Also, the smartthings button is Zigbee, which means it will be subject to Wi-Fi interference. If you have made sure you have strong Wi-Fi by the front door so that your Arlo cameras work well, you may find that the SmartThings button misses some messages.

The aeotec button uses 433 megahertz frequency between the doorbell and the base station, and is not subject to Wi-Fi interference.

Finally, the SmartThings button will not work if the hub is offline, including for maintenance. The aeotec button will at least sound the chime on its own base station even if the SmartThings hub is missing all together.

As far as events go, it should work exactly the same way as the Aeotec.

I just have a motion sensor on the ceiling by the front porch light. So when someone gets within about 20 feet from the front door it picks up the motion and that triggers my Arlo wireless camera to record for 2 mins. No need to wait for someone to press a button. And I dont care if its ‘rated for outside’ cause its on the ceiling … if it gets wet enough to die…I prob have worse issues.

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