Best Doorbell (with Samsung TV) (UK)

Hello all

I’m trying to pick a video doorbell to get in the upcoming sales. I have the Aeotec Hub, a pretty new Samsung TV (and planning to add another), getting and Aqara Hub in the sales, am open to getting an Alexa Hub, and have a couple of Samsung Tabs to act as smart home controllers (which should hopefully also ping when someone is at the door).

My original plan to go with Simplisafe (who do our security) is looking scuppered since the app to see the video doorbell would allow burglars to turn off our alarm.

I was looking at Ring but it seems all the ST integrated models are no longer sold in the UK and Ring generally doesn’t appear to be integrating its new gear. Ideally I’d like a doorbell that pops up on the TV (I’ve since learned it’s easier to configure it any doorbell to a Android TV than my Tizen).

Any input/experience would be greatly appreciated.