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Very new to smartthings, I actually purchased for vibration sensors. I got 2 multipurpose sensors, one for the washing machine and one for the dryer. Both have plenty of movement on the back, they pick up vibration perfectly, however the issue is if I touch them it will sense motion then it will send the alert after it clears. Also, the washing machine stops for a few seconds every so often while running, I had it running for about 10 minutes and I got 11 alerts. So I need a delay to say when there has been motion for more then let’s say 10 minutes and then there is no motion to trigger the alert. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks.

You would get a better result with a metering smart plug. As you told you can trigger it just by touching.
There are some already written SmartApps for Laundry monitoring for metering plugs.
But I think you can define your rule with the Smart Lighting SmartApp, at least it has a similar function for motion sensors. When motion stopped is the phrase.

Look here for example.

The Smart Lighting SmartApp did not work for me. I did end up getting it to work. First, I had to mount the washing machine vibration sensor inside the washing machine (outside the drum away from water). Then, I used webCoRE and built a few pistons one to detect vibration for 5 minutes that will turn a virtual switch on ( linked to a virtual contact sensor). Then another piston that looks for this virtual switch to be on and then vibration to stop for 5 seconds for dryer and 2 minutes for washer (since my washer pauses for about a minute at a time), this would turn the virtual switch off, and setting the virtual contact sensor to closed and triggering a Alexa routine to make an announcement.

@Rustyk123, I forgot to post here too, have a look on this post. This SmartApp will might work for you too.

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