Laundry Monitor debounce?

I like the Laundry Monitor SmartApp to tell when the washing machine is done. I have one suggestion, though. Not sure which forum to put it in so I’ll put it here.

I think the app should check 2 or 3 times to make sure the washer is really running before it starts its timer. What I’ve seen is that if you set something down on top of the washer or just happen to bump into it, the SmartSense Multi will detect the vibration and start the app running. Then about 20-30 minutes later (depending on the times that are configured) a notice shows up the laundry is done.

This could be prevented if the app checked to make sure the vibration persists for a minute or so before waiting for it to cease.

I’ve found the vibration events to persist for some time - even if the trigger to those events is momentary. The app could easily be modified to trigger an event at first notice of vibration and use a setTimeout to have it check state again and initiate “laundry is going” state at a user-defined time later (1 minute, 5 minutes, whatever).

The Laundry Monitor SmartApp isn’t published that I know of, its just an app that a user can install. So I guess we have to hope the developer(s) decide to modify it to check for vibration more than once.