It's very slow! uk

It’s very slow! UK, any idea whats happening

My Hue lights are not reporting correctly in smartthings but operate fine in the hue app. ST Sensors are disconnecting randomly and there are sometimes seconds between an action on the iOS st app and the event occurring. This is now day 2 of this. The hub seems to be operating locally as I would expect I.e. scheduled automations are functioning. The workaround is I have to use the hue app to report the status of the hue lights on my system. Not all are hue, some are std led bulbs controlled with fibaro and aeon Zwave devices. I am hoping this lack of function will pass?

I am having the same issues. About a 5 sec delay in most automations

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Just used the ping utility in ide and it reports 4.97 secs!!! Is there any wonder it has been rendered useless.

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Same in Norway

Some automations takes 5 sec and some 30sec. (Norway)

I have been facing similar issues in the UK for the past few days, for my lighting automations I am out of the room by time the light comes on

I’m losing patience with it. I’m actively looking for an alternative!

The hub responded 4.9 seconds ago, on Fri Nov 13 08:09:57 UTC 2020

Yep similar ping lag here

That’s it, I’m off to home-assistant. The delays are getting ridiculous. There’s only so many times i can defend it when the wife+daughter are complaining that the lights don’t turn on/off.

I am a bit puzzled by all these posts showing the hub responding to a ping in around five seconds as if that means there is a problem. That is how long it is expected to take so it is normal behaviour.

Same issue here. Today my hub seems slow in responding to certain events. Automations don’t run straight away. If I open a door or go in front of a motion sensor the attached light doesn’t come on. If I look on app at same time it doesn’t notice that the motion or door open has occurred. Devices all on correctly, and if I ask Google to turn on the same light on a smarthings plug it will come on straight away. And if look in app all devices are ok with good battery, and I can ask Google the temperature of the sensor and it responds straight away so it shows all devices on ok and working.

I’ve rebooted hub but made no difference. If I look in history for the sensors it doesn’t show that it detected movement or door opening at that time.