SmartThings slow down/SmartApps not working or slow?

Is anyone else experiencing issues with SmartApps not working properly and items not updating properly? I open a door and my light doesn’t turn on, garage door closes and my dropcam doesn’t shut off. I press a button on my minimote and my lights do not turn on or off. This has been going on for over an hour and is getting ridiculous and nothing we have setup is working or working properly. GRRR, too many issues with ST and they keep piling up!

Yes 20 to 30 mins ago. Might be better now. Motion was not turning on switches. Big switches were not turning on child switches. Either not at all or 30 to 40 secs delay for me.

Yes,and been this way for three days. Motion is at least 1 mn delay.

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I emailed support. Still waiting on a response

I too (in Spain) noticed that… thought it was my setup. Good to see I’m not alone. The guys at support are probably on it then!

Had the same problem early Saturday evening (7-9 PM EST) but cleared up later that evening.

Our system slowed to a crawl around the same time last night. OK today, except for ST blowing time restrictions on apps.

ST thinks we’re not home, but we are. ST thinks my back door is open, but it’s not. (Ahem, @Ben).

Yea, it was all good until about noon PST…

currently having similar problems as well. none of my virtual switches working properly (relying on the Big Switch app).

Right now I can’t control devices, Smart Apps (like Pollster) aren’t running, phone app is slow, Dashboard and Things status don’t match, and trying to modify settings in smartapps comes back with an error saying sorry, but there was an unexpected error. Live logging says something about execution timed out after 40 units?

@April Yes, I have a ticket emailed in - since Friday night. No response yet.

And please add that sunset is hosed due to DST…:frowning:

@smart, oddly enough my outside lights came on as scheduled during my sunset schedule. They adjusted just fine for DST.

Dashboard and Things status are still not sync’d, and other scheduled smartapps won’t run.

My dash is all messed up as well. also I can’t install new smart apps

Weird rhings are happening…

It’s scheduled to run at the correct time tomorrow. Let’s see…

Not a good time to install new lights for waf. Turn off after motion not triggering.

Let me tell everyone the interesting afternoon I had today. I, like a lot of people here, use @geko SmartAlarm, which is a great app. My wife and I got home from taking one of our dogs to the vet and like usual ST didn’t detect us being home until we were sitting in our driveway for almost a minute and because of the delay going on I guess the SmartAlarm didn’t deactivate before the garage door opened so you all can assume what happened next. Yes, it triggered everything I specified to go off if the alarm is triggered, including my siren. Now, keep in mind my wife has been less than happy about the minimote issue and crazy slow downs, SmartApps now working properly so when she walked in and two dogs freaking out about the siren she was less than happy.

Now, that isn’t the real issue this afternoon. Let me mention that I also have IFTTT call me and text me when the siren goes off in case I’m not home. Here starts my fun, I have a ‘Hello Home’ action called ‘Panic Off’ which will turn off everything that the SmartAlarm turns on, well guess what, it didn’t work. I started turning everything off manually which mostly worked then SmartAlarm triggered again and again and again, etc. Now, let me put this in perspective, I received 24 phone calls, 54 texts and I didn’t count the push notifications. I was trying to continue to shut things off, mostly the siren but eventually my iPhone froze after receiving all those push notifications, texts, phone calls and voicemail notifications so I had to reboot my phone with a siren going off, blinking lights, 3 dogs freaking out and one seriously pissed off wife giving me a look I wish I could describe to you. I unplug the siren, oops battery backup, unplug the ST hub (a couple times) and eventually things started to calm down. I was able to remove the siren from SmartAlarm and deal with all the lights, Sonos’, etc.

After a little research the SmartAlarm never deactivated so doors and motion sensors were continually triggering the alarm but the panic off didn’t work, changing my status to home didn’t work which showed in my app as changed but obviously never updated the all mighty cloud so all I get is alarm, alarm, alarm. My wife eventually grabs the dogs and leaves and I am a level of pissed off I don’t think I’ve been in a long time.

What good is trying to use an alarm in ST if ST makes it unreliable, untrustworthy? What good is home automation if it is untrustworthy. Both the hardware, software and the company itself I have lost ALL faith in. I don’t know if this is an infrastructure issue, software, people, company but it has to get FIXED.

I want, deserve, as does everyone else here, an explanation to what the hell happened this weekend because this IS (expletive). I do not know of another company/industry that could continually get away with this type of crap and not be losing customers in droves. I haven’t been part of this community very long but it seems to be completely ridiculous the number of far reaching issues, performance complaints and incompatibilities. If anyone can think of anyone I can add to this as my list of known ST employees is fairly small please let me know. I’m unsure right now what the status of this project of mine will be with my wife but so far things don’t look good.

@Ben, @April, @tyler1, @Tyler

Ouch… I would have freaked out totally.

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Only bonus for me is that my siren isn’t working right = ) so I just got the 50 texts and 80 push notifications.

I’m still experiencing issues today. I was hoping someone from ST would respond with some information, something. Anyone?