Is it me or everything is extremely slow

All of a sudden everything has so slowed down. Rebooted the hub… Dashboard is loading too slow…

Yep, trying to create a device type right now in the IDE and it just keeps timing out

Super slow for me too… Trying to set a Smart App without much luck.

same, slow trying to use dashboard to add an app

Opened a support ticket!

Same here…

Slow SmartApp Processing
Investigating - We’re currently experiencing slower than usual processing of SmartApps. We are investigating, and will update shortly.

Same here on Android phone, tablet, and iPad. Looks like ST (Ben) is aware.

As long as ST is aware!

out of curiosity, what kind of servers runs the smarthings network? Is it all big corp cloud servers that Smarthings buys space from or are they in-house servers? If they are in-house are they top of the line machines? will they be able to serv properly if Smartthings gets a boost of user base activity? i’m a geek and like to know these things.

It’s the Friday evening west coast bog down…

OMG!!! I just had to use a light switch by hand. As in MANUALLY. Please hurry, I can’t take this.

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Nothing at all is working for me. It’s not just slow, mobile app has flashing red bar at the top.

Yep, IDE is offline.

Shhhhhh! The Giants are playing. Everyone is streaming the World Series. Bandwidth will return after the game.

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The zombies are attacking me… :wink: Motion sensors cannot sense them… I need to use the rest room but don’t know where the switch is? I need to get out of my house? How do I open my garage door!!! Somebody help me! :slight_smile:

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Looks like all system up for me in the east coast but still a little slow!

We use Amazon AWS and related services.

Everything has been restored except for IDE simulations. Looking at it.

I was reading a post of someone that was saying that a proper solution to home automation need to be local.
I’m starting to thinks the guy had a valid point. Is there a way for example that the SmartThings app to work with the hub directly without going through the cloud when the phone is on the local network?

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