Version 1 Hub (v1) path forward - will it function

I have been reading and reading about this migration of the platform and can’t seem to find a clear answer. Will the v1 hub continue to work?

The only info we have been provided was in the following thread. Look in the phase 2 section:

The best we’ve been able to tell, its a qualified yes, but…

Yes it will continue to function, BUT youre already starting to give up functions. This is evidenced by the 30.7 firmware rolling out starting next week.

That firmware essentially moves device health locally down into the hub! Which should make it more reliable and faster, I’m on the beta, and for me at least it did)

That firmware wont ship to v.1 hubs nor will any other firmware. So you wont have that feature or any other feature they need to modify the device firmware for. At some point they will get to something critical that wont be able to be worked around.

I dont ever run electronics that are out of support for security updates… For that reason alone, i would have moved off a v. 1 hub. Now you’re going to slowly start losing bits of functionality too. If i were a v1 user and i were staying om SmartThings I would already have a v.3 hub ready to begin transferring devices to.

Thanks, so based on the pace they have been moving it should work until 2032…

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Or by the end of 2020 perhaps… anyone’s guess at this point.


What kind of speed improvements?

I am on a V2 hub.

It’s great that health checks are local, so I am assuming that health checks should be more accurate, but what kinds of speed improvements should I see?


Im on v2 as well.

It seems to populate the home screen stats of devices faster… Could absolutely be a placebo effect or wishful thinking :slight_smile:


From Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform in Phase 2:

  • Retire select legacy hubs – Don’t worry, affected users will have plenty of time to move to a newer version of Hub.

Consensus is that includes the v1 hub, and that is likely to happen in early 2020.

But you have time to move to another hub! See here: