v2 Hub going to work with current Devices & Applications?

(Justinlhudson) #1

I bet this has been asked, but I search for about 5 minutes did not find much…

  1. Will the new v2 Hub work with my older (yet current) Smartthings devices?
  2. Will the new v2 Hub applications/device code work in the same manor, or are the API’s changing also? If so where is the latest doc so I can start upgrading my applications and device code.
  3. What and how are things determined to run local? I would assume everything except information across to smartphones and the cloud. Meaning applications will start to run local?

I just joined smart things 3 weeks back, then found out new hub coming out. Spent sleepless nights righting apps and devices to get it just where I want it (as most nerds would). Now trying to figure what will change if anything moving forward to new version…


(Jason) #2

Not much has been announced on that as of yet. Take a look at the topics below, sheds “some” light on the new hub

(Matt) #3

I agree you should review the V2 thread. Short answers to your questions below.

1 - Yes
2 - It will stay the same, any big changes would be updated via firmware and backend processing. That’s not to say some stuff won’t be broke and need fixed. Especially with custom device types and smartapps.
3- I don’t think they’ve fully determined this yet. But it sounds like most processing will take place locally. Only when needed will it be done in the cloud.

(Justinlhudson) #4


Thanks I am all about the reader’s digest version (if I am old enough to say that ~30). :smile:


I wouldn’t make any assumptions yet about which v1 smartapps/device handlers will work with v2, or about what will run locally. We just don’t know.

The physical devices currently supported through local communication that are zigbee or zwave certified should still work. Beyond that, again, we just don’t know yet.

(Matt) #6

While I agree my short answers were assumptions they were based off reading everything posted about V2 as well as watching all developer calls since October. I did mention that it’s possible non ST created device types and SmartApps may need updated. I don’t think any active ST community member would believe there won’t be some hickups.

Think of it like this. If ST released V2 and current devices no longer worked, it’d flop. So assuming current devices will work is not much of an assumption. I can almost guarantee the reason for the not set in stone release date is based on making sure it’s done right. Which would mean an almost seamless upgrade path from V1 to V2.

Many of my devices started as non compatible devices, Enerwave Dual Relay Modules, Everwave 7 button controller, Quirky GE Tapt, Aeon Heavy Duty Smart Switch, Hue Bulbs w/out hue hub. My point is ST rocks and this community rocks. Where there is a will there is a way. My favorite thing about ST is this community and the openness of the platform. Sure that causes some issues for them in every day user usability however I believe it’s why they thrive.

@April @Ben did I mention I love to break things. Break/Fix is where I make my living, I’d love to break V2 :smile:

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@mattjfrank do you think with the merger with Samsung the community will stay the same or close to it? When I was at bigger companies if they wanted in the market they buy one already established and lock it down as internal and no more open community.

I am with you won’t really know till we know. I already pot committed anyway, just trying to stay ahead to know what to expect in next release. Seems a little to secret…

Thanks for the links.

(Matt) #8

Anything can happen and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think Samsung was going to ruin ST. But so far, they have let them be their own company and do their own thing. I wouldn’t say it won’t ever happen, but I think it’s safe for the foreseeable future ST will continue to be the Community driven leader in Home Automation.

(Justinlhudson) #9

I would be buying a lot more devices if was not such a secret what the new v2 would do and how the merger is going to affect the future. For now I just buy enough to do what I need and not everything I would want.

In my opinion in using Smart Things and researching other options they are clearly the winner.

Thanks everyone for insight and catching me up on the status of things.