Final answer on V1 migration please!

@slagle, @duncan, @alex, anyone at ST. Will you please give us a status on V1 migrations? I’ll wait as long as it’s being worked on and you can give us an eta?

Specific questions:

  • Is a migration tool from V1 to V2 being actively worked on, as committed to back when you wanted people to still buy V1?
  • When is your best estimate for having the migration tool ready?
  • At this point, if someone was on V2 and their hub went bad, would they also have to move everything over to a replacement hub?
  • When will the V1 hub get the same bug fixes as V2? It was stated that V1 would continue to be supported, but judging by the firmware releases, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

I think these are fair questions, and all of us long-time ST users still on V1 deserve answers, since you did state that we’d have a migration tool and that the V1 hubs would continue to be supported. If it’s not going to happen, just, please, be honest and say the resources aren’t available. I’m trying to be to the point without being snarky or harsh. I, and I know others, just want to have answers once and for all.

Most important, if you are still working on the migration tool, please do more than say “Yes, but we don’t know when”. Give us a real eta.

I’ve been a long time supporter. I built a hardware device with arduino and a shield so I could have a self-contained interface to my x10 devices. I support ST, but am finding myself unable to recommend it to others, because of the lack of real answers to this topic. If I can’t know about a migration now, how can I feel comfortable telling customers they’ll be ok if V3 or something comes out. At least with an answer, I can move on and decide next steps, whether that’s biting the bullet in manually moving everything, or moving to Homeseer or some other platform.

Thanks, and looking forward to a definitive response.



I kept seeing not anytime soon comments from ST, and gave up waiting and went to V2 finally, coupled with them NOT bringing firmware updates to V1…although who knows if they are needed. My V1 was great, but since I achieved a ton of local devices and processes in V2, its been very snappy and worth the effort in the end (160 devices) I have about 120 reconnected I suppose at this point over a few days.

They will promise V2 migration support, but be prepared for them to NEVER reply. I got a promise just recently to answer any questions I had…which I had two. Zero response.

So be prepared to go it alone, but follow the migration path or any of the other modified ones posted here (you can find via search). I did a split-hub approach…left both running for awhile but otherwise followed the official migration guide in terms of what order to build out the new mesh.

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So how would you feel if your V2 Hub had a fatal hardware failure? There’s no Hub V2 to replacement Hub V2 migration either…

(I hope it is fairly unlikely, but, some of us have very poor luck.)

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I have lots of thoughts about that which are not community friendly.


I’d also really like to hear the answers to these questions.

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The silence is deafening… I got the pre-order the hub V2, and got it very early, but I haven’t installed or done anything with it.

I really don’t care about the migration tool but it would be nice in case there was a failure, I just haven’t seen any HUGE benefit for v2, v1 now. I have about 120 devices and I know it will be a pain to move them over, but except for more potential issues with hub V2, is there really a benefit? I’m not going to be doing video streaming so is it really worth it?

Not yet.

When more SmartApps run locally, then yes… If you use those SmartApps and official Device Types.

Do any of you use automation for controlling lights?

For me, local control for controlling lights is reason enough to go to V2 and I consider it ESSENTIAL… I was on V1 and moved to V2 using the early upgrade code.

If I open a door to the basement stairwell and the lights do NOT go on instantly, whats the point of automation? I can flick the switch instead and not even need automation.

With V2 local control my lights are all instant and I have no problems with the cloud.

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Depends on your lights. If you use the most popular smart lights on the planet (Philips Hue), no local control.


V2, because I have so much local, was worth it…YMMV. I held out forever as I have had this in a box forever. Kinda glad I went through the pain.

I don’t have nearly that many things but the speed improvement alone was worth it for me. Stuff running local is nice too! I did my 50 or so things and programming over a weekend an hour here and an hour there. Still need to to one last thing… a lock that I need to reset to default and re set up. Dogs don’t like the beeps it make so i just have not got to it yet

@slagle, it’s great that you’re so active on here (and yes, that’s meant to be sincere). You have made a lot of posts since I asked these questions: can you please take the time to give us a definitive response, or ask @duncan or @alex or someone from ST to do so.

Please don’t leave us hanging, and if you respond, please give us the in-depth answers to these questions that I think many are looking for.


We are still working on the tool. It has not escaped us that we need to have a migration tool. But, we are focusing on the basics right now. The basics are so important because none of this matters without them. I do not have a timeline for you but I can tell you that we recognize the problems caused by not having a migration tool available.


Can you then at least, even without an eta, 100% commit that a migration tool from V1 to V2 will be delivered at some point?

I would consider this a basic requirement before upgrading from hub v1 to hub v2. Isn’t the only alternative to manually uninstall/delete literally everything? Every smartapp, every device, every routine. Then manually re-add everything. Not worth the time and effort, IMHO.

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Following this thread closely. I bought a V2 hub 6 months ago…but it’s still sitting in the box on my desk, gathering dust. I have no plans to install it…too many other “priority” home projects. If I had a migration tool…absolutely.

Just eBay it… my guess is we’ll see a v3 hub before a migration tool is ready. At least I hope so as I now have way too much stuff to go through that again.

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see that either. And that would be kinda sad. ST doesn’t have the resources (or access to samsung’s resources) to develop both a stable, cloud-based platform and a hub migration tool at the same time?

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@slagle, can you respond to my question above…

“Can you then at least, even without an eta, 100% commit that a migration tool from V1 to V2 will be delivered at some point?”


Like I said, we are working on it. That’s the best info I have at the moment.

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