Vent doesn't work for Bixby set level commands

I’m happy worker working with SmartThings.
The mobile device is a Galaxy S9 (SM-G960N) and the Android version is 9. The SmartThings app version is

I have two questions about Devices > Voice control documentation.
I confirmed that Vent power on/off works in Korean on Bixby.
However, the fan speed set level did not work with Bixby.

  1. How do I say the speed value to adjust the fan speed using Bixby?
    Values ​​are auto/low/medium/high, but examples are numerical. How do I order Bixby?

  2. If the device name is Korean, can SmartThings work with Bixby?
    Can SmartThings recognize Bixby commands even if I have a mix of English and Korean?

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“Set {devicename} fan speed to low” , seems to work for me.

I’m using the English version Bixby, English version one ui, English version smartthings.

Korean device names should work with korean bixby. In fact, I think it will have trouble with mixed languages. If you are using bixby in korean, you should give your devices Korean names, eg

거실 선풍기

Then you can use commands such as

{devicename}을 켜

For setting the level, maybe try

{devicename}을 {speed}게 설정해