Ceiling fan wont go to low setting

My bedroom ceiling fan (like most) has off, low, medium and high settings. I can use the switch to reach all settings, I can also tell my echo what speed and it adjusts without issue.
However, my ST app is not communicating properly (I think)

Using the app, “off”, “medium” and “high” work properly. When I set the speed to “low”, (in the app) the fan spins at medium speed, not low.

Any thoughts?

what fan controller are you using?

GE zwave 3 speed fan switch. Model 14287. I have a total of 4 of these in my home and this is the only one where the speed setting is off.

I had the exact same problem. The only fix I could find in a year was to buy a new one.

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What device handler are you using. Those switches actually work a lot like a regular dimmer. There’s a percentage that can be set for each speed. The low speed may just need that percentage tweaked.

This is the device handler I use. It lets you set the speed thresholds.

Hey there! Thanks for the advice. The way you’re describing the problem nails it! It’s almost like (via SmartThings) that the low speed is at the wrong percentage…since I can achieve that low speed using every other method. I’m not familiar with the method you’re describing to fix it, but I’m gonna do some research, do my best and let you know how it goes!