Various HA stuff for sale

(Devesh Batra) #1

Time to clean the house of all our toys
5 - Osram GardenSpots - $ 50 /each, brand new
3 - Osram GardenSpots $ 45 /each - used during Halloween for 2 days
1 - Osram Lightify hub with White bulb - $25 - brand new

4 - Phillips Hue Gen 2 Strips - $75 /each - brand new
3 - Phillips Hue Gen 2 Extensions - $30 /each - brand new
1 - Phillips BR30 kit (3 bulbs and Gen 1 base) - $100 - used
1 - FLS-PP Zigbee RGBW kit with 15ft LED strip - $75 - new

2 - Leaksmart Valves 3/4" - $75 each / new, box may be damaged
1 - Dahua NVR4216-4K 16 Channel Security Network Video Recorder Onvif $250 brand new / open box
6 - ZModo ZM-SH721 720p WiFi Cameras - $ 40 each - new/open box

I will be listing them shortly on my Amazon page as well, if you prefer to purchase there

All items come with free shipping from here.

(Jon Rohan) #2

Your seller link leads to a page not found.

(Devesh Batra) #3

thanks … i fixed it

(Crispy) #4

Is the Schlage for sale?

(BigSlade) #5

Interested in one of the GoControl Garage Door openers.

(Devesh Batra) #6

sure… its brand new… I had paid over $175 for it… know the price has gone down… Send me your best offer

(Devesh Batra) #7


sorry they are both sold

(Realy Living Dream) #8

Looks like my extra stuff shelves . Looks like we hit up some of the same sales.

(Nathan Block) #9

Are the LeakSmart sensors used?

(Devesh Batra) #10

they were paired with wink to update the code, but never left my desk

(Devesh Batra) #11

i have 4 more racks in the basement… full of stuff i have to clean out … wife’s orders

(Realy Living Dream) #12

Sounds like it’s time to put a 5th shelf in a better hiding place where boss won’t find it LOL

(Dana ) #13

Do what I do…hold on to something forever in case you might use it, then finally give away/sell it when it’s worth almost nothing, and then the next day discover you have a perfect use/need for it. :slight_smile:

(Devesh Batra) #14

Know the feeling … i still have a iMac with Core 2 Duo…

(Nathan Block) #15

How recently did you update the firmware? I’m probably interested in working out a deal for all 10 (or however many you have left), but need to get approval from the ‘boss.’

(Devesh Batra) #16

Nathan I have 6 left.
They were last powered on last month. Running the 26 code. They are still paired to my wink hub waiting on wink to release the newer firmware, but they have been dragging it out.


Sent you private message on the gardenspots. Interested.

(Nathan Block) #18

Ok, just sent it. Thanks!


Thanks. Just replied. :slight_smile:

(Brelijah07) #21

Osram bridge?