15 Osram Floods BR30's for sale

I just moved around some lights and i have 7 BR30 Osram Lightify bulbs to get rid of if anyone is interested. Definitely will take a bath on them, but id rather work with you folks than go to auction site. thanks

How much? I could use 4 for my bathrooms…

they are 33$ new… id take 20$ a piece for 4 of them…

Are they the RGBW models?

They are these exact ones :slight_smile: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0196M5YAS/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Thanks for the clarification I was looking for the tunable white models not the full color. I’m sure someone here will pick them up as it is a good bargain though!

How long did you use these for and how well did they work with Smartthings? I may be interested in all 7.

I used them for about 14 months. I originally bought them for christmas lights (alternate red green), and used for 4th, halloween etc. They worked really well with smart things after I upgraded the firmware. As long as you build the chain of lights starting with your light closest to the ST hub they work great. If you for example plugged in your first light furthest from the hub and worked toward the hub it wouldnt work as well…

still available if anyone is interested… I only need 6 of the 13 I have so 7 for sale.

I actually have 15 of these now to sell. I wont be able to use some extras I had because of the way im doing my switches.
I would do all 15 (great condition ) bulbs for $250 in total. New right now these are nearly $500…
Thank you all

I saw that these can sell for cheaper, so Im offering 15 bulbs for 150$ now… They were overpriced at 250$ so I made adjustment.

sold sold sold

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