$99 Philips 432278 BR-30 Hue Starter Pack Bonus Kit, Refurbished, 1st Generation

Ends in under 4 hrs
4 bulb + hub set

Gee thanks,:unamused: I had not checked Woot yesterday, ( like I normally do). 4/$100 I had to bite. Now I have 3 extra V1 Hue hubs, and need to figure out when I can use the BR-30s

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I tried to convince myself to grab a set but I’m hoping a LIFX sale will come up soon.

Bought 2 kits so thanks :no_mouth: . I have 5 can lights in the kitchen currently with Cree retrofits in there, without any automation. I like the looks of the retrofits a lot, so much I was going to get the Osram’s but man they are expensive. Then I have 2 can floods in my living room that is at about 18-20 ft off the floor. I dont have a ladder tall enough, nor friends brave enough to climb that high. So I’ve kinda just been waiting on them. So now I guess Ill buy 1 bulb new as well.

So yea like RLDreams I now have 2 spare v1 hubs to sell/give away. May get rid of the 2 standard bulbs as well cause I really do like Cree’s for general white better. They are brighter, more ‘natural’ looking, and better light pattern IMHO

Oh @RLDreams if you want to sell 1 or 2 of those BR-30’s to recoup some of the price… I’d give ya a bit for them, or even throw in the standard white bulb’s as partial trade as well. I have a need for 2 more floods for indoor use to replace everything I want to match. Also have a Osram RGBW retrofit recessed smart light I could throw in for trade as well.

So Thanks…

@KevinH, I’ll think about it when they get here . I still have 2 of the Osram RGBW can lights I haven’t figured out what to do with yet. At this point I am debating installing a couple cans on the front porch or above the hottub and using them outside. I went with a GE switch and original dumb bulbs where I had originally planned to use them.
Daughter has been asking about RGB accents for her livingroom, was going to go with the Blooms, but after I got my original 3, I can’t get any of the HD around here to come off their $60ea, even though they are no longer a stock item, come up as an error when scanned at register and the 3-4 they have on the shelf have an inch of dust on them.

Yea no rush. Just one of those things of keeping it in the back of your head if you want to recoup it :). I couldnt justify 3 sets since I only have 8 can lights in the whole house, one of which is already with a solution. At least its off by itself so I dont have to worry about matching. Im OCD like that. Like halfway tempted to rip out my OSRAM led strips in the kitchen to go hue to match lol.

I was about to buy some ge switches for the kitchen like soon, but just havent pulled the trigger. What sucks is I have nice designer metal plates in the house, and toggle style switches. So the ONE ge switch is all that works and i hate how it is a sit in the middle toggle. It works but kinda meh. I am not going to replace every switch plate in the whole house to go to decora style rocker paddles. Thats like 500 in plates alone :(. So I’ve kinda held off on switch replacements.

Oh well just keep me in your head in a couple weeks.

I " stole" a few cases of the GE paddles, dimmers and fan controls for the $12,$15,$18 from Lowe’s . So I was able to go a different route for my cans instead of the Osram RGBW. Now my issue is GE have blue LED and Leviton have green LED, look wrong next to each other. The Leviton dimmers are so much better ( IMHO) with press on ,press off & led bar showing/adjusting the dim level instead of the GE hold in the top or bottom of switch until you think it is at the level you want.
Only problem with switches is a 125 yr old house with old loop back wiring. So every switch is a complete rewire to the main panel, which is why I originally went with smart bulbs, left old dumb switches alone.

If I could find someone to buy a whole house worth of still in production metal fancy switch covers, Id switch over to decora. That gives ya a couple more options for switches for sure. But yea I’d ocd about led light color. This house was built in 2007/8 so Im lucky I guess. Tho the labels in the panel are cryptic at best, totally usually. Every time I do a project I go about trying to track down breaker and relabel it.

I live alone, and have minimal guests. So the WAF or guests is not a big deal. Now with Alexa its easier for them to just turn off lights. I keep a few minimotes around for when someone stays overnight and needs to turn lights off outside of my normal routine. So my goal is really not touching switches. Motion sensors for most everything, alexa for things around the living room and kitchen, then some app interaction at night. Or I would go more smart switches.

Got my 2 kits today. Kinda forgot that woot is now owned by Amazon, so seeing the smile box on the front portch i was like… wtf. But yea they are here, look ok so far. About to go install them in the kitchen I think.

So if you want to sell 1 or 2 of your br30’s I’d be willing to help recoup some of the cost for the kits people bought not needing them :wink:

And they are back 10/02 . Limit of 6 per order.


Just a reminder that the first generation hue bridge (round, not square) is not compatible with HomeKit. A lot of people won’t care about that, but some may.

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I just had to correct somebody on Woot that was claiming you needed a Gen 2 to integrate with any other system.
The only apples in my house are on the trees out back in my mini orchard, or in the buckets fermenting into something useful.

These actually give off ( IMHO ) a nice bright white when you set them to " energize" in Hue app scenes

" Blue " is definitely more of a lavender purple and clashes with the Blooms “blue” even when set in Hue

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My biggest complaint with Hue is that they don’t do a good ‘blue’ thats for sure. Using the br30’s in the kitchen mostly as 2700k warm white. Kitchen’s really do better with ‘cool’ white 6500k but I dont like 6500k. Too ‘blue’ for me, but some say its a better working light in kitchens.

Been happy with my refurb set so far. Couple weeks now of daily use. 5 in the kitchen, 2 in the living room Using Iris motion sensor in the living room, st motion sensor in the kitchen. The only thing I see is when the smartlighting turns on the kitchen, the 2 cree’s i have come on very fast, then the 5 br30’s come on in order almost. So you see 1,2,3,4,5 come on its kinda annoying. Not horrible but kinda noticeable lol.

If you have can lights, this is about the best deal you can get for color lights… considering its easily 50-70 off if you bought them individually.