Vacuum + Classic App

So I had to replace my vacuum yesterday due to a error message that wouldn’t go away. I went to add it back into my smartthings. I can not. I am forced to use to new app. So all my custom devices won’t work with the new app either. They want me to use both apps and be happy with it.

If anyone knows how to connect a vacuum to the old app. Please let me know. The normal process don’t work anymore.

If anyone knows of a vacuum that I can get instead of the samsung one please let me know. I am very unhappy at this point.

Which vacuum are you trying to connect?

My suggestion: ditch the Samsung vacuum. Return it, and get something good.
Especially since the ST connection is dead.

I think the Neato vacuums even have a ST device handler… and they are laser guided, not doing random patterns.

it’s been several months since I finally got my R7040 working correctly, but i had trouble, too. If I remember correctly, you first have to pair it with the new app (was Samsung Connect at the time). Then you pair it in the Classic app using the Samsung Products link in the marketplace. Now if you’re on iOS, the device will show as paired, but the screen will never load to actually control it in the Classic app. But the status fields in the IDE will update appropriately and can be used in WebCore. If you need to control it through the app manually, you’ll have to use the new app.

I was able to pair it with thier connect app. The old home app won’t work anymore. It prompts me to install this app instead. I’ve been told by support that it won’t connect anymore to classic. The connect screen doesn’t work in classic.

I am about to try webcore here soon. I see the vacuum in the graph API. However it’s in pending status.

I would jump over to the new app if they support custom devices. I did some diy auto blinds that I love. Don’t want to loose their automation.

I have a similar situation. My Samsung POWERbot Turbo vacuum connects in the New SmartThings app but won’t open the controller for it. I can see the device in the main list but when I click on it to control it, I get an error saying “connection failure check the network connection and power to the device”. It is connected to both (I see it listed in SmartThings and the status is listed in SmartThings). SmartThings support says to use the SmartHome app. But now even in that app I see the Vacuum but it’s status is always “disconnected”. I spent way to much on this thing that I can’t control.Screenshot_20180601-053115_SmartThings